If I Were Running A Company…Healthcare

The big news here in the D.C. area is the federal government shutdown. The reason for the shutdown: Obamacare. To summarize Obamacare, here’s an infographic:


Simply, Obamacare is supposed to give the uninsured to buy health insurance and be covered for any (pre-existing included) condition. The opponents on the other side said it was too expensive and felt Obamacare was a requirement to citizens, not an option.

In my opinion, I think if you want better healthcare in this country, it should have an individual mandate and single-payer so nearly everyone is insured and they choose who they want to go. If you want to really know why the Republicans are fighting this, it is because Obamacare creates competition while the Republicans want to have a country club feel.

Why the Republicans are fighting this (and themselves) is to get decent health insurance, you must get a job. By getting a job, you get the perks: health insurance, life insurance, gym, 401k, parking and transportation, reimbursements, etc. Oh, let me add, this is for full-time jobs, not just any job and as you know, full-time jobs are shrinking while contract and temp jobs are up, which complicate matters.

If you still don’t understand how healthcare works, let’s use the Costco analogy. Most Americans go to grocery/retail stores to buy certain items of what they need. At Costco or any other wholesale store, you need to buy membership from the wholesale store and from there, you can buy anything in bulk from food to clothes. Health insurance companies want companies to buy bulk for their employees. The problem is while companies have the cash to get health insurance for employees, there is only one (or two) choice. With Obamacare, people have the option to go to any doctor. People want choices, not the going through the hoops to find a doctor who are in-network.

Healthcare is being discuss heavily because it’s a necessity and both sides have argued terribly for both sides, hence the public’s confusion to Obamacare. Although the public can agree on this: Obamacare should not the reason the government is shutdown, but it is.

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