If I Were Running A Company…Heart of Gold

Last week, I had nothing to do and wanted to leave the house. I then get this mysterious call and email from an insurance company that they’re looking for people and caught my resume somewhere. They said I had extensive management experience, which is not true. I came by not to be interested in a sales position, but see how the operation work.

I decided to come and there were around 20 people attending. The speaker discuss what the business does, his family, perks, helping people. Basically, he’s stretching the truth. However, there was one thing that struck:

“I don’t care if you’re dumb as a rock; I want people with a heart of gold.”

So this scam company wants people of every facet and are willing to train them to become salespeople or “financial advisors.” Although this is a shady company maybe this scam company might be onto something.

You hear a bunch of recruiters and HR professionals talk about a talent shortage. If that’s the case, then that’s the bigger scam than the insurance company I went to see. There are a few theories why people say there’s a “talent shortage:”

1st Theory:

People say they don’t have the time and resources to train these people. I call BS You don’t have 15 minutes of your time to train an employee on company culture and skills? You hired the person. You expect this person to know everything about the company on the spot?

2nd Theory:

Budgetary reasons. Again, BS. You made the investment to your employee. It is actually expensive to fire someone than to train them because of the immediate cost. In addition, the longer your employee stays, their intrinsic cost of the employee comes down each year. Plus, you hired the person. Your butt is on the line as well.

3rd Theory:

Your company is in the “win now” mode. To me, this is a logical explanation why people saying they have a “talent shortage” because employees are pressured to have results immediately and they need established employees to get even close to expectations. If the company had a long-term view, you could train them for the next five years to meet those goals within those five years. Instead, it’s a trial by fire of which one sticks and which doesn’t, which could be disastrous.

In my opinion, recruiting is the easiest part of the process. It is when get them onboard, make them comfortable in the workplace culture, and training them that is the hard part. If shady companies can train “2-star talents” to successful careers, why not companies train “4/5-star talents” to make them into superstars?

Do you have any other theories why there’s a “talent shortage” and why there’s a lack of training?


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