If I Were Running A Company…#HRBlogs Weekly Reads 07/16/2015

Written by Tracy

I am doing a new segment called, #HRBlogs Weekly Reads, in my HR Blog series for several reasons:

  1. I think I have establish enough that you know my HR/Recruiting views are and at times when I’m writing a new blog post, I’m repeating myself of previous posts. Also, there are a lot of HR/Recruiting content out there and I would like to share them to you.
  2. I have an extended role at BroadPath that now I handle social media. The company’s Facebook and Twitter page will be up soon and one of my main jobs is to curate and create content. This gives me a reason to start reading more HR/Recruiting and Healthcare posts.
  3. As you notice in the past few months, I have been sporadically writing on my blog for various reasons, from my job, Nats games, no electricity, and on occasion, writer’s block. I want to write again on the HR/Recruiting front more since now I’m active. The Weekly Reads posts will help some. By the way, I will still be writing long form posts on HR/Recruiting, but not as much. I can tell you I will be writing up on the Reddit situation next week.
  4. There is still a stigma that HR (including recruiting) is hated and with the many different voices (including me), HR is different from anyone, but both sides share one goal: make the business better.
  5. This is no secret, but I want to attend #SHRM16 in D.C. next year. When I heard that D.C. will be hosting the SHRM Conference in 2016, I want to be part of it. I want my HR friends and attendees to enjoy a week in D.C. I want to be an ambassador, either officially or unofficially, by SHRM. I want them to not only enjoy, but engage with the people and places in D.C. and show them the ropes. If I want to be an attendee next year, my best role is blogger and want to join the SHRM Blogging Team. If not, I can try to volunteer.
  6. This brings me to my next announcement that after 3 years, I have renewed my membership for SHRM, but it’s only for one year. The reason I’m paying my dues this year is to share my views on SHRM Connect to other members, who might be going to D.C. next year, which I can engage and network. Do I think SHRM is the future of HR? Not by a long shot. I have been critical of the leadership, decision-making, and now, their choice of log of next year’s conference (you have to be a D.C. insider to know why I’m not happy about the logo). However, I have to remind myself that SHRM is like FIFA and HR is like soccer; we love the profession and its trials and tribulations, but some do not like the executives heading up our profession. Do I expect SHRM to change that I paid my $190 next year? No, but I will renew if they do change. I’ll see it when I believe it.

So how will this new format works? I will post content of interesting HR/Recruiting articles that I may agree or disagree and will give my remarks. That’s it, that’s the list.

Isn’t that Twitter?

Yes, but my responses will be gone in an instant.

Why on your stupid blog?


Here we go:

Social Recruiting: You’re Doing It Wrong. by Derek Zeller

“Social Recruiting” is an oxymoron. Recruiting is supposed to be social. It requires you to be social. However, I give Derek credit to give “Social Recruiting” some dignity.

Small-Business Optimism plunges in June by Amrita Jayakumar

This is not a good sign. It lists taxes, inflation, and poor sales for the plunge. I would assume Amazon plays a huge role as well.

Just Say No To Overtime by Kristina Minyard

FLSA recently change the rules in overtime that benefits companies to reduce it and easier to change classification to employees. Kristina makes a simple, and great, point about this topic.

How HR Can Remain Relevant in the Freelance Economy by Jason Averbook
Welcome to the 1099 Economy by Jacque Vilet

I’m telling you, we’re heading to a Carlos Slim style of work soon: 3 day work weeks and 4 days for people to do whatever they want. Employees are going to be like NASCAR drivers: one primary sponsor and several secondary sponsors.

One Company That’s Hiring For The Future, Not Just To Fill Today’s Jobs by Todd Raphael

Imagine this like baseball. Everyone wants companies to be “Moneyball,” which I think is the wrong thing to do. Look at at the Tampa Bay Rays, Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs, and Washington Nationals. Get a talented team, but get a deeper team in the minors so they can prepare to call-up from the minor leagues. This is nothing new, but most companies have a hard time to grasp on this concept.

3-HR Approved Gifts to Give Expectant Employees by Mike Haberman

Swaddles and Spa Gifts I agree with. I’m not giving a new mother, or anyone, a gift card. Personally, I give them the Baby Einsteins set.

The Perils of Being Helpful by Evil HR Lady

Suzanne makes a great distinction between being nice and being helpful.

How To Manage A Team of B Players by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

I’m sorry, what’s with HR and Recruiting’s obsession with “A or B” Players? Stop grading them and instead find their strengths and put them in the right place to succeed. All this A nd B Players stuff sound like Stephanie McMahon and Triple H stuff.



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