If I Were Running A Company…#HRBlogs Weekly Reads 10/22/2015

Written by Tracy

If you’re wondering why I haven’t write in over a month? AEP Season, or more precisely, the Annual Enrollment Period. This is what you get in working in healthcare. After a long hiatus, here we go.

My post comes at the same time as the HR Tech Conference. You will see a ton of article this week about the conference. To save you the trouble , here’s the #HRTechConf hashtag to follow. I have never been to the HR Tech Conference and would want to go for the networking. I personally am wary of Tech stuff invading HR. It might make life easier for HR, but worried we’re not focusing on the soul of HR (yes, some HR departments have a soul.).

How Expensive Will #SHRM16 Hotels Be? by Matthew Stollak

Yes, it will be the most expensive in SHRM history and if you’re going to #SHRM16 in my hometown, a few key points on getting a hotel (I would do a full preview next June if I get accepted):

  1. If you’re trying to get a hotel, get it in downtown D.C. so you can walk to the Convention Center. Go to CC, Chinatown, Metro Center, or possibly the hotels on 16th St near the White House. Otherwise, get a hotel in Crystal City, which is one Metro stop from DCA (National Airport).
  2. Metro is going to be a mess. If you need to take Metro, try to enter between 9:30AM to 2:59PM. If that’s impossible, I would bike to the Convention Center using Capital Bikeshare. Also, if your session is done in the afternoon, don’t go to the Metro immediately. After 7PM, the Metro reduce to regular fare. I know SHRM will provide buses for most hotels, but enjoy been stuck in D.C. traffic. Nonetheless, you will be stuck in Metro as well. No-win situation.

Lights Out Productivity by China Gorman

Two words: Personal Hotspot.

The Benefits Of A ‘Someday I Might Want To Work There’ Talent Community by Dr. John Sullivan

I agree, to a point. Although you might like the company, it’s the people and the environment that may change.

The End of Expertise by Bill Fischer

“Being human,” then, becomes a real hope for continued differentiation within the business of expertise, where the familiarity of the expert with the client, and access to the key expertise consumers at the right time and place are critical sources of value in the delivery of such knowledge…Or, rather, since the advent of AI and algorithmic thinking have now made Credibility and Reliability tickets to the game rather than real differentiators, that it will be how expertise is delivered, and to whom, that will become the real source of premiums in the expertise business?

What’s Your Recruiting Competitive Advantage by Sharlyn Lauby

That’s a good question.

Talent Matters: When you can’t promote, give them experiences by CEB

I agree you need to give employees experiences, but there will be a time they will jump ship and you can’t do nothing about it.

Is the 6-Hour Workday Finally Here? by Derek Irvine

Yes, the 6-hour workday is here, but would you expect someone to have laser focus that long in that day? Yes, email is a distraction because most are meaningless, but for some jobs, those distractions are necessary. It depends on the job, I think.

I Miss ERE Media by Laurie Ruettimann

I have not paid attention to the other conferences because of my personal situation the past couple years. I didn’t hear much of the ERE conferences the past couple years. The only change that I know of from ERE is their new logo. From the outside, I thought the ERE conferences were informative, including Sourcecon. I think there’s too much competition going on and ERE was caught in the cycle.

U.S. May Lag On Paid Parental Leave, But D.C. Could Jump Ahead With 16 Weeks by WAMU 88.5FM
Nurses, fathers, teachers, mothers. Why do we devalue someone the minute they care for others? by Lillian Cunningham
Why the D.C. area risks losing its allure to millennials by Robert McCartney

1st dynamic: it still sickens me the United States is still the only country to not have mandatory leave (parental, vacation, sick). Opponents will say companies provide leave, but that’s not the same as everyone getting an opportunity to rest except for holidays. If I were SHRM (yes, I know), I would mention to Congress about having mandatory leave for x amount of time and mention companies, non-profits, and government cannot fire these people when on leave. D.C. is doing the right thing to have parental leave for 16 weeks. It’s only a start, but at least the D.C> government is getting creative about it.

2nd dynamic: With D.C. becoming family-friendly, and the screw up of the Metro, are we going to see cities poaching talent from D.C. in the next few years? You might if Metro (and essentially D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) to get their act together.

A top recruiter on what anyone can see after 30 seconds with your resume by Ambra Benjamin

This is mostly true of what Ambra is saying. Couple of points:

  • “Get creatively honest,” Basically a pathological liar?
  • I don’t read cover letters, but I don’t care if you send the cover letter. Cover letters are for hiring managers. Recruiters look for the information, hiring managers look at the big picture.

The Odds That a Panel Would ‘Randomly’ Be All Men Are Astronomical by Lauren Bacon

If you’re a woman, you have a better chance to win a lottery than have an all-male panel. This is up to conference organizers to find different voices, and that includes HR/recruiting.

It’s Time to Ditch the Stigma of Doing Things Alone by Aria Bendix

This is interesting thing moving forward. What I hear from HR speakers, it’s about culture and everyone having fun and must talk to someone. This generation waits for marriage and set their own destinations, so to speak. I always dine alone because I want to experience the food and ambiance. I do a lot of things alone because I want to experience it myself and share that with the others. At times, I want to meet with the others, but being alone doesn’t mean you’re anti-social. At times, I want my peace, but in other times, I want to share these experience so maybe I can spend time for the group. This is where people in your company need to have a great feel of what each employee prefers.

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