If I Were Running A Company…HRBlogs Weekly Reads 11/9/2015

Written by Tracy

You wish you had enough time to do this, but realizing you do not. Eh, that’s life. Anyway…

A 21st Century Workplace Question: To Drink On The Job, Or Not To Drink On The Job? by Cord Himelstein

Here’s my rule: You can bring alcohol, but just buy only two six-packs.

Your Job Description Matters More Than You Think by Paul Wolfe

I would add that job descriptions should be channel for job applicants contacting to recruiters. Why not include contact info, upcoming events, and others.

Why Organizations Need To Make Learning Hard by Dorothy Leonard
5 Reasons You Should Embrace Microlearning by Sharlyn Lauby

We need to take a look at learning these days. I get classroom learning, but if companies want to control what’s going on, corporate learning might be a new trend. Anyway, I think this is a good thing if your employees want to be better.

The Unemployed May Be Better Off Not Taking Just Any Job by John Zappe

Basically, don’t dip to the Mendoza line. I find it fault of the recruiters to not have an open mind to find these people.

All Shook Up: How To Really Disrupt Recruiting. by Amy Ala

If you want to disrupt recruiting, have a hacker hack into a computer and have video streaming your company. That’s how you disrupt recruiting.

Lee Hecht Harrison: A failure of integrity in the HR world by Nick Corcodilos

Disclosure: I know a friend of mine who used to work for Lee Hecht Harrison. The person left to work for a university. This is shameful for LHH to copyright Nick’s work. I doubt someone has stolen my work because it’s all personal.

Fuzzy Math: Why Time to Fill Sucks. by Pete Radloff
Quality of Hire Metrics Are an Illusion by Tim Sackett

Are any recruiting metrics useful? This is why recruiting is an art, and why I enjoy that aspect of recruiting.

The Silence About Inflation Is Deafening by Jim Brennan

People really need to focus on this. If this goes out of control, especially in urban areas, people might be moving alot to suburban or rural areas to event pay for rent or buy groceries. Look at the micro-cities areas are developing.

Why Open Offices Are Terrible by Washingtonian Magazine

I would want an office or have some shield. It might great for collaboration, but terrible if you’re sick. If you want collaboration, go to Happy Hour together.

8 things: A search for managers turns ugly for Metro, Nats by Washington Business Journal

This is two great case studies of how not handle the hiring process.

  • On the Nats side, I was very upset about how The Lerners did the negotiations with Bud Black and eventually hiring Dusty Baker. After knowing the details, I think the Lerners low-balled Black on the 1-year deal, but eventually made it up with a three-year deal and Black refused to sign. Not sure what it was, but it was weird. Eventually, I like Dusty Baker because of the coaching staff he’s building with Mike Maddux as pitching coach and Davy lopes as 1B coach. A nice recovery.
  • On the Metro GM search, that’s a bigger mess. The person who originally got hired, backed down because he didn’t want the attention. So, they got the guy from BWI. While the Nats did screw up the hiring process, the Metro GM is almost a thankless job as being the Speaker of the House. I feel sorry for the new Metro GM.

Picture via Washington Nationals

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