If I Were Running A Company…#HRBlogs Weekly Reads 7/23/15

Written by Tracy

Another week, another set of HR Blogs to read:

Employee or Contractor? via NPR

You now know why we’re moving to the Contractor economy. This is the bad side of it.

For HR Pros Mission is Peaceful – Implementation is Violent by Paul Hebert

Process is never pretty, but it is necessary to keep your company afloat.

Dispel Your Team’s Fear of Data by Thomas C. Redman

Hint: Be Joe Maddon or Bruce Bochy. Also, love Redman’s quote earlier this year, “Great decision makers combine data with their intuition.”

Religious Expression and Discrimination by Heather Bussing

Several years ago, one of my former employers hired an intern and then became an employee. When the person became an employee, the person came in the office at 10AM and left at 4PM. Office hours were 8:30AM to 5PM. In those hours, the person used up one hour of meditation (the person was Muslim, I believe). She treated the office like it was home. No, when you visit someone, you abide by the guest rules and guidelines, you don’t set your own own schedule unless you work at home. The person didn’t stay long as she left because she didn’t like the new manager in her department. Employers will tolerate religion, but they won’t tolerate poor performance and questionable behaviors.

Pope Protests, but Proportional Pay is Not Required for U.S. Pay Equity by Jim Brennan

It’s funny that some (or maybe half) of the Catholics (or Christians) in the United States are backing away from Pope Francis because of his Jesuit views, which is aligned to our changing environment. If you put “God” in a government document (Constitution, currency, etc.) you would want to follow Christian principals. Pay equity is a huge deal and the U.S. won’t do anything about that. How Christianist.

Would You Provide Your W-2 to Get a Job by Sharlyn Lauby

I had this situation with a client of mine. I was recruiting for a position for a small company for a friend of mine. The person was looking for a Graphics Designer and found the right person. The person wanted to verify her salary and asked me to get a W-2 from the candidate. I felt uncomfortable with it, but went ahead and asked for the w-2. A couple days later, the person declined the offer because it was a “breach of privacy” and the hiring manager was not “trusting.” The hiring manager disagrees and the search continued. Personally, I’m going to trust them. They know what they’re making and if they know if its and upgrade or downgrade. The client was established, but also small, so being selective played a factor.

The Power of Written Notes by Tim Sackett

Writing is going to be non-existent in the next generation, but a written note is a powerful message. That reminds me, I need to start writing cursive again.

Employers Are Losing More Candidates As Time To Fill Continues To Grow by John Zappe

Employers become more pickier on hiring. Candidates become more savvier and selective. Of course there’s going to be an increase in time to fill.

This Is One Onboarding Experience That’s Tough To Replicate by Todd Raphael

It’s much better than Bud Light’s “Up for Whatever” campaign.

Cut Down On The Number Of Students Who Change Their Minds by Jason Weingarten

Got to build those relationships.

Why HR Professionals Need Mental Health First Aid Training by Noma Bruton

This is a tough subject. I do think HR needs to know about mental health since some in HR used to be psychology/sociology majors. At the same time, I think it will take a lot of attention and time for HR. I personally would communicate with their peers and families before and during their employment and go with the flow, but be mindful to be proactive if a situation arises, though I’m no expert on this subject.

How a cartoon caption contest can make you a better writer by HBR

I will always say scavenger hunts makes you a better recruiter.

How to Start a Manager Exchange Program by Dan McCarthy

I imagine a reality show with managers yelling and then have a moment and realize they’re wrong. I also imagine a few people just walk away.

New Sourcing Goal: To Be The Best PenPal Evah! by Kelly Dingee

If any of you, whom I recruited, are D.C. Sports fans, fans of Roxette, Lisa Loeb, Hard Rock, The TV Show, Psych, and loves fat sandwiches (Primanti Bros., for example), contact me.

Another company keeps opening our mail and possibly stealing it by Alison Green

You can’t hire a hacker to hack their competitor’s computers?

Who Owns Your Social Brand by Sharlyn Lauby

This is why you want to be yourself on any social media networks. For Linkedin, sure, let the company have part-ownership (that is why I look like the Asian k.d. lang in my Linkedin profile). As for the others, it should be independent.

Why Higher Ed and Business Need to Work Together by HBR

This reminds me of an episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt where textbooks are created by the state lottery. There needs to be collaboration, but businesses need to not control the curriculum.

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