If I Were Running A Company…#HRBlogs Weekly Reads 8/6/15

Written by Tracy

It has been a nutty week for me. Luckily, everything settles down next week. Granted, a lot of work work, but Nats baseball is on the west coast. Here we go:

The average worker loses 11 days of productivity each year due to insomnia, and companies are taking notice by Jena McGregor

During Lent, I used to take naps during lunchtime. I shut my office door and take a 30-45 minute nap. I actually find it more energizing than eating.

Work Advice: How to handle a boss who puts religion first at the office by Karla L. Miller

I have this huge discussion last year on Linkedin on religion at the workplace. It’s a touchy subject and I remind people if you want to box yourself in, that’s your decision, but you won’t be making as much as other companies have an open environment (notice I didn’t say transparent).

Everything Is Problematic, University Guide Explains by Jonathan Chait
The real danger of political correctness by Alyssa Rosenberg

This is what happens when you turn on the PC button. I understand workplace has standards, but don’t withhold language. I will say if they say it first, give it a warning, but the second time, out the door. We want to know where the line is. If we don’t know, then why it would consider be offensive?

Paying Everyone Equally is a Terrible Idea by Dan Walter

While I agree that Dan Price took it to extreme where everyone starts equally at $70,000, I like that the base is $70,000. I would deal with performance and then you can challenge the market that the company’s salaries are above the others except for one: the CEO. Right idea, terrible execution.

Skipping that vacation is bad for your health by Paula Wolfson

Honest question: what’s a good week for a vacation? I personally think it’s May-June or January-early February.

Bill George: The hierarchical leader is out. The empowering leader is in by Alan Murray

A great interview of what the new prototype of CEO looks like now.

Why the Government Wants Companies to Have Employees by Heather Bussing

Best article I read about why it’s important to distinguish an employee and an independent contractor and why government wants companies to hire more.

Job Titles of the Future #13 – Video Game Coach by Steve Boese

No joke, the video gaming industry has much viewers than most of the sporting event. This is where people want to be in the middle of it than to observe it.

Don’t Blow Up HR, Appreciate and Evolve It by Dave Ulrich

HR is evolving, but with others, outside of HR, notice? Dave makes a good point that HR professionals must be business professionals. That’s key for HR’s place in your company.

can I change my mind after accepting a job offer? by Alison Green

The DeAndre Jordan case, for you p in this generation.

How Recruiters Can Benefit From Reddit by 


How to Do Walking Meetings Right by HBR

I’ve always wanted to do walking meetings to Nationals Park. In D.C, I know everyone will say the National Mall for good walking meeting, but try walk from Arlington, VA, walk to the Key Bridge, that leads to D.C. That’s a wonderful walk.

Millennial Men Aren’t the Dads They Thought They’d Be by Claire Cain Miller

The New Mr. Mom by Maura C. Ciccarelli

Some are realizing the maternity leave laws are favoring men in the workplace to work immediately, while the women are home taking care of their child and get punished for it. The rise of parental leaves is a postive, and necessary for companies to have. That’s why the announcement by Netflix of unlimited parental leave is a big deal.

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