If I Were Running A Company…HRnado

You know the phenomenon known as Sharknado?  How did a regular TV movie on Syfy develop a cult following in an instant?

If you’re going to critique the film, Sharknado had bad acting, bad graphics, bad editing, an unstructured plot. Although the ratings for the movie were a disappointing 1.4 million viewers (ratings do not take account DVR, people watching on their tablets/smartphones). Why there was hype of a terrible movie? The key was Sharknado knew it was a terrible movie and would take it to the next level.

If the Sharknado cast and crew knew what they’re doing, so could HR. While executives create the workplace culture, HR establishes the culture. If executives want uptight people, HR will get uptight people. If executives want to be ridiculous, HR expects to be ridiculous. A good example is The Motley Fool. Although it is a stock investing company, which sounds like a serious job, their founders wanted to have a loose approach to investing. Recently, they ranked #4 in Washington Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work in 2013.

Like Sharknado, HR has to know who they are within the company. HR needs to know what executives want. Some want to be uptight, some want to be even-keel, and there are some that want to show their freak flag. Of course, everyone wants to be Ian Ziering.

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