If I Were Running A Company…Inequality

Written by Tracy

I am participating in Blog Action Day 2014. This year’s topic is Inequality.


Inequality comes in many forms and sizes. There are different reasons why there is a lot of inequality not only in the United States, but in the world. There are many reasons, but in reality, there is really one cause for inequality.

Some say it’s race. Although we have progress in race relations, there are some pockets in this country that race relations are still in the pre-Civil Rights era.

Some say it’s class. Although we’re a more tolerable country than years past, there are still lines drawn, literally and figuratively, to distinguish the poor and the rich. Just look at the pay gap.

Some say it’s our own biases. Maybe that is true, but not all biases are that bad. We have our biases because we want to setup the workplace they want to have. That is why hiring is subjective by nature, but can also be the problem.

Inequality by race, class, or any other other biases plays an underlying part of it. It’s primarily the individual or group’s insecurity and status quo. We all know power comes with responsibility and influence, but some take advantage of their role among themselves because of their own selfish needs for wealth or absolute power (and influence).

Nearly everyone knows about pay gaps among gender and race is still wide, but some do not know that Ferguson, Missouri makes a profit from petty crimes and poverty. Same thing goes to sexual harassment, as you heard all over the news lately, mostly from football. The people are taking advantage because of who they really are and the position they’re at.

Is there a way to combat inequality? Of course there is;  it’s the route you want to take. If you love the company you’re working with, create value on your own with the company and yourself so you can have a voice. If you are finding a job or opportunity, find someone with similar backgrounds and interests if they have something for you to do. If it takes a village to raise a person, it will take most of your employees (or groups of individuals) to create change.

When I think of inequality, I think of the lack of opportunity that companies and individuals provide for a variety of reasons, for better or for worse. There are opportunities out there. Remember, nearly 33% of the workforce are freelancers. Take advantage of these opportunities. What is inequality’s greatest fear? Competition. Force the issue.


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