If I Were Running A Company…Information Interviews

On last week’s post, I tackled that open houses is the best recruitment tool companies should be utilizing. The most underutilized tool out there that our profession should use more is information interviews.

Information interviews are similar to open houses except the applicant makes the first move and wants to visit your workplace to learn about the organization, the positions available, and the industry. 

I personally like doing information interviews because it’s where I’m more honest and blunt about my job, the organization, and the industry to give the interview an image and direction on what to expect. I am also creating a talent pipeline so when a position pops up, I can check if the person has the skills or if they have develop those skills in time.

The  big downside to information interviews is timing. Recruiters (or hiring managers) are very busy trying to find their people and don’t have enough time to chat. In addition, recruiters will ask what is so valuable to have this interview on their time. Personally, the best time for an interview is around lunch time so you can have a half-hour to an hour alone with the recruiter/hiring manager. Don’t be afraid to ask. The worst case scenario is they decline your request and you move on.

If open houses are like broadway plays, information interviews are the radio/podcasts of the job. Information interviews are supposed to be personal and honest and that is how recruiting should work, not a sales pitch.

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