If I Were Running A Company…Job Boards

Recently, Facebook announced they will have their own job board this summer. There was a mixed reaction in the HR and business sector about this news. Some were excited, some question it, some don’t think it would matter. In my opinion, it is how Facebook uses the job board if it succeeds or not.

If Facebook uses the job board as a post-and-pray model or use it like the classified section, the job board is useless.

If Facebook intends to be like Linkedin, they might have success, but some will question how similar Facebook is to Linkedin and don’t have enough features to pull Linkedin users to Facebook for job seeking purposes.

If Facebook uses our personal information to give us customized ads and if they intend to use that on the job board, it might be a success since you have your job title, your location, your network, and your likes and Facebook can customize your job search and give you a listing every day. The problem with that is if they use that information, it could be used by the organization and see if our personal information (which includes apps, comments, videos, and pictures) enhances or deters your application. If you been following my blog, you understand how I feel about HR (or anyone) looking at “face value.”

If Facebook uses the job board as a “community,” I think it can make long strides. Job boards have to be interactive and niche to attract job seekers. Not to beat my own drum, but the reason I started NatsJobs because part of my network were sports fans and were looking for jobs. NatsJobs was useful for job seekers since they see the score and can apply to a job at the same time, plus I can watch the discussion during the game from statistics to strategy (and science), which can translate and transfer to the workplace, if they set their mind to it.

Facebook has already a strong community in place for individuals and organizations with friends, subscribers, and likes. Facebook’s problem is their format, right now, is not conversational like Twitter and is not interactive like Google + (specifically, Hangouts).  Facebook is at the same level as Linkedin, but Linkedin has establish their social network as professionals, while most users on Facebook use it for personal matter.

I think Facebook is trying to break that stigma and by using their philosophy that everyone wants to be reached and be who you are. For the working professional, it’s combining, personal and professional, or “profersonal.” I think Facebook is trying to elevate that. The problem is not about privacy and if Facebook is abusing that (which they might). The question is can organizations and individuals embrace this new “profersonal” world? From the looks of it; the perception is we are, but in reality, we have not scratch the surface, yet.

People in my profession think the job board is dead and that social media (or to an extent, referrals) have replace it, when they need another. Job boards succeed if it’s interactive, focus on profession and industry, and it can follow-up (by recruiter or hiring manager, no matter the format). That is why niche job boards like Idealist and association job boards succeed. What Facebook is trying with the job board is 1) tell people it’s really a “profersonal” social network and 2) try to be interactive. In their end, Facebook can succeed with the job board. The question remains do job seekers and organizations embrace Facebook’s philosophy of the job board? Eventually, Facebook is right in all of this; it’s when that is relevant to them and for us.

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