If I Were Running A Company…Keeping Up With the Joneses

Last week, I went to the HRA-NCA Conference to 1) find a job, and 2) see my friends there. The conference moved to Catholic University instead of the usual Capital Hilton, so I had a few more stops to go in the Metro and missed out on some networking time. I can say this year’s conference was much bigger than last year: the attendance, the food, the bags, the prizes. Also, people were intrigue by the theme of the conference: The Future of HR/Workplace.

I’ll be honest: most of the sessions I went to were nothing new that I already knew about and I have covered those subjects before. There was one session that was giving away webcams and I say to myself, “People have built-in webcams these days unless the company is still using ‘ancient computers.'” The only session I learned something new was the Lilly Ledbetter Act and that HR hates documentation (not a shock, but at least someone was frank about it).

The real disappointment came from the two pictures below:



That’s right: all the live-tweets and notes almost all come from me. I know there were people taking notes on paper and some on their tablets and that’s fine, but if you want other HR professionals know about your chapter; share notes, pictures, and others about the conference. Either they’re shy to share information because they work for a government agency/contractor or they have their own interests.

You can say you are keeping up with the times, but you have to show it. If there’s a webcam giveaway and a mention of Klout, there might be a problem.

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