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I hate to bring this topic again, but last weekend, the Washington Nationals shut down Stephen Strasburg for the season because he was not effective in his last few starts. It could of been he’s tired or the looming shutdown was weighing on him. The decision was made and Strasburg is done and is not likely going to play in the postseason.

This brought up a bunch of fans outside the D.C. area who are not Nationals fans and bandwagon fans who saw the Nats for the first time this season, to tweet their response ranging from:

You can debate on the method the Nats use on Strasburg and how he was handled, but the issue with some of the outsiders, especially the tweets shown above, are telling Nats fans should be upset that Strasburg is shutting down and we won’t go far in the postseason. They assume Strasburg was the ace, and he was in the first half of the season, but looking at his second half stats, he was the Nats 4th best pitcher behind Gio Gonzalez, Jordan Zimmermann, and Ross Detwiler.

I think with all the media hype surrounding Strasburg, they assume they know the team, and by default, know the city as well. The problem is people inside the city are comfortable of what the Nats are doing because the fans have watch this team for a long time and they knew Strasburg was going to be shutdown last year , plus if other media members outside of D.C. saw the team the past year, this is a team beyond Strasburg.

Let’s transition this in recruiting.

Recruiters will tell you to think locally and you must (in order):

  1. Know who you are
  2. Know the company/clients you work for
  3. Know your city/town
  4. Know your region

You need to know what is out there in the area and you have to network on what is going on with your area. I can tell you in the D.C. area, unemployment is low because of government, government contracting, healthcare, startups and the rise of hospitality since Crestline and Hilton moved their headquarters to Fairfax and McLean, VA respectively in the past few years.

If we take Strasburg as a template, I will use Ohio as an example. My assumption is Ohio has high unemployment rate because all the manufacturing jobs are gone and there’s nothing really going on out there. In truth, although the situation is not great in Ohio, it is not bad as construction is up and the potential of investment in Ohio by the way of the Chinese.

That is a general picture of Ohio, but I can’t get the whole picture unless I talked to my networks in Ohio to know what’s really going on and that is the point I’m making. If you want to know the area you might be living and work for, ask the locals, either face-to-face or virtually, about what is out there that fits your situation. Have an open mind to the region and don’t try to make assumptions quickly.

What we think is global, but what we do happens locally.

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