If I Were Running A Company…Mobile

I went to the RecruitDC event last week on mobile recruiting, where Michael Marlatt was discussing that businesses need to go mobile since nearly everyone has a mobile device . It was a wonderful discussion and presentation and Michael gave facts for businesses, including the recruiting profession, to push for mobile.  I believe mobile is still in its infancy as a business tool, but in a 24/7 world, mobile will become a potent business tool.

In a mobile world, it is trying to get attention. One amazing stat from the presentation was that SMS texts get a 95% read rate. That’s impressive. Wanna bet businesses want to go into the mobile sector?  Businesses are putting more resources on mobile apps and web sites because it will get a bigger audience, hence the text info and QR codes on the billboards.  You have the attraction, but that’s only the beginning.

After you got the customer/applicant’s attraction, you need them to engage with the business.  You need to know how accessible your mobile strategy is. After that, is your mobile strategy engaging?  The last part is very crucial if your strategy thrives or not.  If you’re strategy is just a bunch of ads, then your spamming.  However, if you communicate with the audience, they might be intrigue on your business. The trick is making your business personable for each individual.  Give them settings that will make the customer/applicant engage to a product or job opening.

The reason mobile will be popular for business because of it’s potential growth and opportunities. In today’s world, people, at a minimum, are taking pictures, shooting video, and text. With our rapid technology development, we can do conference calls and face-to-face conversations on our mobile devices. In the future, we have a device that give 3D imagery, then down the line: holograms, which could lead to a mobile device where a phone scans our body, turns it to molecules and transports us to destinations from 3 or 30,000 miles away.

The reason to have mobile in your business is to reduce the communication gap. It used to be people go to events and mingle. Then, social media help us identify who we want to talk to.  The best way of communication is still face-to-face, but mobile reduces the gap since you can communicate anytime, anywhere. This is what businesses want to see.

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