If I Were Running A Company…More Channels, More Specialization

If you watch the first few minutes of the segment above, Nate Silver was discussing about the correlation (or coincidence) of the rise of TV channels and the lack of bipartisan agreement in Congress each year. He mentions with the various channels, people can pick and choose which channels to see and stick with it. When there only a few channels, people can debate amongst themselves the evidence given from the news.

If you want further proof of polarization, look at the Republicans and Democrats favorite shows are.

The point isn’t about politics, but with more choices out there, people stick to choices they feel comfortable with and stay in their bubble. Although there are more choices, you can know their thinking and philosophy through what they read, listen, or watch.

In this world where professional and personal intersect, your footprint (digital, social, other) describes who you are. In essence, companies can look at your footprint and see if you actually are a fit without asking you in the interview. Although it might be illegal to search the person’s name, it is not illegal to share the same interests. In searches now that has become more sophisticated, everything can be filtered through interests, location, industry, and others.

What company culture is a reflection of the executive(s) vision and mindset. They find the people who share their philosophy and trickle down to other employees. Companies can be selective on who they pick. What job seekers need to do is to know who they are and then find the people with the same interests and philosophy.

With all these channels, most of the people will be stubborn and stick to their bubble. However on the flip side, they make great bait for sourcers to find them. Although we might not have a good debate these days, it is easier to find our people of your ilk.

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