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I’m starting a new series within a series on Nonprofit HR. I will try to keep topics within that realm and have a few ideas. The Nonprofit HR series will be on Thursdays. If you’re in nonprofit HR, what topics should I discuss or areas the sector is not talking about? Send your suggestions to thispersonstinks@gmail.com.

Nonprofits do not have big of a budget to start with and hiring talent is the most expensive resource. Most consider outsourcing to help reduce costs, and still function as a business. Depending on where you stand, outsourcing is necessary in your nonprofit at some point.

At a nonprofit, the founders have to find people who share their mission. In the beginning, it is important to have quantity to support the mission. In the quantity of supporters, you hope there’s variety of skill sets from fundraising/sales,  marketing, tech, finance, HR, etc. If there is not variety in your supporters, outsourcing comes into play.

Outsourcing works in the beginning of a nonprofit as the founders and supporters are setting up their business. When the nonprofit gets bigger, the less you need for outsourcing. Outsourcing should be plugging holes for nonprofits until the nonprofit fill it themselves, depending on their budget.

Another aspect for nonprofits to outsource is outsourcing companies understanding the nonprofit’s mission. Mostly, outsourcing companies think business only, but they could be key collaborators if you keep an open mind. Like nonprofits need volunteers to help on their mission, nonprofits also need partners to help out on fundraising or other functions. It is important nonprofits to raise money, but it is really important for nonprofits to have as many partners (volunteers and companies) to support the mission.

People think outsourcing is a four-letter word and some assume outsourcing as stealing away jobs. Depending on your size and scope of the organization, outsourcing plays a key role in nonprofits, if they get behind the mission. It is important nonprofits act like a business and raise money, but nonprofits need support to promote their mission and have the resources to do it.

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