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There are two sources in recruiting that will always be counted on for candidates: job boards and referrals.There is one thing nearly everyone encourages to get you a job and that’s networking. These are sources job seekers rely on to get a job. The thing though is that is it your desire to have a lot of applicants or find a lot quality candidates?

If you’re looking for a lot of applicants, then posting a job would just be suffice and you do not have to worry about a thing. The only problem is if there is someone in the pile you want to hire.

If you’re trying to find quality candidates, then you’re sourcing, networking, cold-calling, shot-calling and finding the best candidate out there. Good for you…but not good enough.

Here are three things to be an exceptional recruiter:

  1. A recruiter lets everyone, in their organization, be the brand ambassador. Although networking is the best way to get a job, one person’s “connections” is not big enough to find quality candidates. If you have yourself (the recruiter) and some brand ambassadors out on a networking event, then the connections exponentially grows and a bigger pool of candidates lands in your lap because you have support.
  2. Recruiters are moving targets. A recruiter should source and participate in chats, not only for their profession, but in their industry and something random like their favorite sports team or their favorite TV show. A recruiter should be out there telling where they are at and should not be afraid to be him/herself. The goal of networking (and landing a job) is to be spotted. Recruiters need to be out there to announce themselves they’re here.
  3. A recruiter must be open and is willing to be the face of the organization. I really don’t like “Please don’t contact the recruiter” sign. The reason recruiters put that up is because they don’t want to get into any trouble if they yell or ticked off the applicant. The applicant wants to hear updates. If you don’t give them updates, they are going to complaint until you give them an answer. Keep your applicants up to date and they will back off.

The point of recruiting is not finding quality candidates, but quality, diverse (ideas) candidates. The recruiter must give the hiring manager a set of candidates to think about to see what direction he/she is going. Think of it like the Oscars; the recruiter finds the top movies (5-10). It is the hiring manager’s job to vote for Best Picture.

Finding great candidates is to have different set of candidates with different styles and personalities so the hiring manager would know which path to take. To find diverse candidates, one person can’t do it alone, it takes a department (or the company) to find what you’re looking for.

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