If I Were Running A Company…Privacy

Last week, I read two article on recruiting and internet privacy from two prominent bloggers: Laurie Ruettimann and Glen Cathey. I share those stories on my feed and one in particular replied to a friend and I about their former employer:

Here’s my view of privacy: you do whatever you want. If you want to make yourself public, go ahead. If you want to be private and only keep track with friends and family, that’s fine. You set your privacy settings; but then again you have Facebook and Google collecting your data, so you’re screwed unless you never went to the internet.

In my case, I had to be public because there are many Tracy Trans out there, including porn stars (yes, I did search my name before I started this social media thing), so I have to set apart from the rest because I don’t want people be confused as a person who has boobs, but in reality, is really a boob.

The problem with searching people on the internet is how companies and employees search for people. As seen above, if companies are creating “fake” profiles to source people, what are they actually achieving? Are they trying to find dirt? The point of social media is close the communications gap so you have something to talk about on the phone or face-to-face. Having “fake profiles” won’t solve the answer.

To refresh what my profession does:

  • We review the applicant’s information
  • We source candidates to bring the quality pool up
  • If we’re intrigued by the applicant based on the information they give, we shoot an email or make a phone call
  • After the initial interviews, it goes to the hiring manager and the recruiter then becomes the advisor

Simply put, the recruiter is a scout for the organization. Great recruiters care about information and potential, and use restraint. Ordinary recruiters will try everything to find a red flag and find every flaw to put you down a notch instead of finding people and help them develop.

So we have no idea who is a real recruiter or not. The only way to determine if they’re a real recruiter is if they connect to you by phone, email, or social media. Real recruiters will connect. We’re kingmakers, not pawns.

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