If I Were Running A Company…recruitDC Fall 2013

I went to recruitDC last week and for the first time, it was held in Maryland. Although the travel was rough, I got there on time, but for some, it was unfortunate because of the red line Metro being their typical selves. Anyway:

Keynote Speaker Tom Becker of Manpower:

This was the session on big data and little data. I know big data is a big deal, but my worry about big data is most will see people as statistics. It was leaning that way until Tom Becker mentioned that he doesn’t want recruiters to be robots, but utilize the little data to their advantage. Basically, he want us to be Joe Maddon, for which I accept. I like that Becker said that although most of the recruiting process is a science, it is an art because of the variables, with all the data you have, that are involved.

Mobile Recruiting:

Of note: I didn’t attend the Exert Influence session.

Another big topic in recruiting is mobile recruiting. This session was more technical than I expected and from what I heard, it does take a whole village to not only build a mobile site, but the mobile and desktop to be in sync. One of the companies needed 5 companies and their internal teams to make the mobile site. Although a mobile site is required these days, it takes up a lot of resources to make it functional. Do not expect your site to be a success immediately. Great insights of how there’s a lot of collaboration between the talent acquisition team, engineers and developers, and outside teams.

Fast and Furious:

These were 60 social media tips in 60 minutes for recruiters and it did go fast. Most of the tips weren’t a surprise but I checked out two tips: the Laynrd app seems useful, but most of the events, I have listed, are mostly from overseas. It has potential, but want to see more. The other app is Hoovers. Although it’s a paid site on your desktop, it is free on mobile. One problem: I can’t find the app. Unless I’m missing a step, it seems it’s not in the App Store anymore.

Overall, it was another successful recruitDC and I’m glad they’re going to have mini-events throughout the year to lead up the big conferences. Now, I don’t have to meet other recruiters two times a year 🙂

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