If I Were Running A Company…Reunions

Today is a special day for me because it is the 8th Anniversary the 2005 NPR Interns first met. I still remember that group because we all came to be part of the NPR experience. To this day, I still say the 2005 NPR summer internship was not only the best working experience I ever had, but the best class I ever been with. Sadly, I learned last year that NPR has cut out Intern Edition and I was hoping to listen to the current crop of intern’s stories each semester. If there is any consolation, Next Generation Radio is returning after a 3-4 year hiatus to collaborate journalists in journalism schools with local public media affiliate stations.

Another event I can’t wait is #SHRM13 in Chicago (Of note: if a company wants to sponsor me for hotel and travel, let’s talk). Although I have been to four SHRM conferences, last year, I felt I was accepted in the HR community when I met most of the HR bloggers for the first time because of the community SHRM and Dice enhanced.

Moments like the NPR internship and the SHRM Conference makes me want to come back to the place because it gives me joy seeing old friends. If you’re planning your event for your department, do plan attending relevant events for your profession and industry, but put a couple of events that are outside your profession that makes you feel  excited to be part of. Either it’s a book club, attending a sporting event, or a reunion, these events makes you reflect who you really are outside of work.

To this day, I still email to the ’05 NPR interns wishing a happy anniversary, wish each individual (or try to) a Happy Birthday and if I’m lucky, meet them face-to-face again. Going to networking or industry events shouldn’t be a job; it should be an experience.

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