If I Were Running A Company…Revisiting Mobile

There has been a lot of talk about mobile recruiting and the need for companies to adapt to mobile to reach to a wider audience. There is no debate that mobile is the key in the future not only in recruiting, but in business. The debate is how are we using mobile.

Employers, including big companies, are slow to react to mobile, which is expected. What I’m having trouble with mobile recruiting is we’re essentially shifting how we job search on our desktops and laptops to our smartphones and tablets. That’s fine et al, but isn’t mobile suppose to go beyond what we do in recruiting?

What mobile can do is make the application process easier so applicants can apply with one click/tap of the button. However, what happens after that? Some suggest to post a recruitment video or cleaning up to make an attractive career site. Here’s one thing that’s missing: where’s the two-way conversation in mobile?

You can transition from the computer to mobile, but if you don’t have someone behind mobile to handle the requests, it is the job board: redux. There are apps that handle that like JobScience and beamMe, but what applicants want to do is 1) apply and 2) follow-up with a representative to see if they’re a good fit. If laptops or desktops didn’t help on that, I don’t think mobile will solve that as well unless we force the issue.

We can have all the bells and whistles in mobile, but if you don’t have the people who can engage with applicants, mobile serves as another  route to the black hole in the application process.

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