If I Were Running A Company…Richard Sherman

You know the rant of Richard Sherman. His “wrasslin'” rant went viral and split among viewers. Some view as “classless,” even calling him a “thug.” There are some defending Sherman’s rant and that he was playing for the audience. My personal opinion is Sherman knew what he was doing. I think he went overboard on his talk, especially calling Michael Crabtree “mediocre,” but he did back it up. Also, before the NFC Championship Game, he did this ad:

That was genius of him.

End of story, right? Not really.

You know Richard Sherman’s story coming from Compton, California, getting a 4.0 GPA in high school, went to Stanford under Jim Harbaugh, then five years later, was drafter by the Seahawks in the 5th round because it was rumored Harbaugh created the injury rumors to drop Sherman’s stock and the Seahawks, now coach by former USC coach and Jim Harbaugh’s rival, Pete Carroll. You know the end of his story, so far, but what no one mentions is the “Leaky Cup” incident.

In 2012, Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner were suspended four games by the NFL for violating the NFL drug policy. Browner didn’t appeal, but Sherman did…and won. Sherman use the Ryan Braun defense and his suspension was reversed. Essentially, we have no idea if Sherman used Adderall for his advantage. Then in the following offseason, Sherman said that “half the NFL takes Adderall.” Sherman backtracked and clarified half are prescribed to use Adderall.

Side note: Brandon Browner violated the NFL drug policy for the 3rd time and is suspended indefinitely.

If it was an HR thing, this would definitely be a case-by-case basis and you have to know Sherman’s personality. From his regular interviews, he seems a smart, very confident guy. The Sherman rant he did after the game should not likely happen because the emotions are still running through after the game and the reason the NFL has a 10-15 minute waiting period at the locker room to cool off. This should give Sherman a pass there, but the “Leaky Cup” incident might also prove Sherman is clever, brilliant, and possibly a cheater.

What Richard Sherman did was he focus on himself and not the team on going to the Super Bowl. That might rub some the wrong way, but he is an all-pro player and can back up the talk. Then again, what if he gets caught violating the drug policy again (not really)? The narrative does change on him and we would have a different picture of Richard Sherman.

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