If I Were Running A Company…Rock Stars

Written by Tracy

This is the last of a series of posts this week about the new board I created, why I am doing it, and what I’m trying to achieve in the long run. If you’re interested in posting a job on my site, fill out the contact form above.

When we were growing up, we dreamed to be celebrities for our own profession and have the fame, fortune, and notoriety for the work we done. Being a celebrity or a rock star, you get all the attention, signing autographs, pose for pictures, and the perks you never imagine. This is how employees need to feel when they recruit.

What employees in companies/organization need to understand is they have leverage in the application process. They have insider information and they’re the gatekeepers of the business. They know what the’re looking for, but they don’t seem to publicize what exactly they’re looking for.

You see your employees going to networking events chatting with other peers. They have their name and company on their badge, but you didn’t know until the event. There are many ways businesses can market their appearances: advertising, publications, social media, emails, and others. What I see no one has done is putting their upcoming events on their job posting. On an average job posting, you have between 15-30 days to be open to the public. Why not list events that your [company] is attending?

Some will argue they don’t want their information out there because they could be flooded with e-mails, phone calls, and requests. Two things:

  1. Is that your job to bring a lot of [quality] people to the job opening?
  2. Here’s a secret: you don’t have to answer to everyone. If the messenger just ask for a job, you don’t have to answer. Let the candidate self-destruct. However, if the candidate mentions, in detail, why they have questions or interest about the position or company, listen and follow-up.

Another thing to mention is although when you go to an event, before or after work, you are still a representative of the company. If you can dismiss the candidate’s bad behavior, the candidate can dismiss you (and the company) as well for your inadequate behavior or lack of attention. For both sides, they need to be on their best behavior to represent themselves and the company.

When you post a job, don’t forget to list the events you’re going and if you’re going to an event, embrace that there are some who would want to join you and be approachable and feel like a rock star (but don’t put “rock star” on the job title).

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