If I Were Running A Company…Scavenger Hunts

Written by Tracy

The latest craze going on is scavenger hunts, albeit cash, tickets, or some other prize. A twitter account, called Hidden Cash, hides cash somewhere and people, who follow the account, go to the place and find cash. It has become a huge craze, people have trash the place and fight over the cash.

Recently, a company called ID.me put 30 bases around the DC Metro area for people to find and underneath each base is free Washington Nationals tickets. The caveat is the person, who founded the tickets, must be either a veteran, police officer, firefighter, or EMT and if you’re not, give it to them as a nice gesture (not sure why do it that way, but fine).

This leads to something that has being talking about in HR and recruiting and that’s the popularity of gamification. Companies are looking for new ways to find talent and one of the ways is gaming to help give an idea to applicants what the company does and what you’re going to deal with.

For recruiters, one the best simulations is scavenger hunts. In scavenger hunts, you find something (people or objects) based on clues or random searching and guessing. There have been some recruiting scavenger hunt methods like finding random people or finding objects. I personally like finding objects because they can be great conversation starters to the surrounding people. Also, some people will stare

When I was doing the QR Code Hunt at my county fair, I had to find the QR codes with no clues. At times, the QR codes were in crowded areas and it was a perfect way to network to not fond other clues, but get to know the person or the company handling the booth. Thankfully, my keen eye and recruiting skills help me won free tickets to the county fair for life.

Although I did this by myself, I imagine recruiting scavenger hunts to be into teams. In that case, you need at least two people in your team:

  1. The Sourcer: A person who investigates and scours to all the clues based on the information given or places they’ve been to.
  2. The Business Development person: A person who can talk to find the way to your destination.

Scavenger hunts are a fun way for recruiting and HR departments to get involve and sharpen those skills and if you’re lucky, you win a big prize. In this case, it’s the hire.

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