If I Were Running A Company…SHRM Pre-Conference

I arrived in Atlanta on Saturday and I registered for the conference so I can beat the rush that is coming in today. It felt empty because well…I arrive at the conference at 4:30. Already, I met friends and other bloggers/tweeters/social (you know) immediately.

At the conference, I saw a glimpse of what to expect at the conference and SHRM is really going big. The Hive, which SHRM has been talking about as being the social aspect of the conference, is bigger than I expected. Let’s see in the next few days if attendees come to really become social. So far as I heard, a lot of people are asking about how to use social media for their department. It will be interesting.

As for Atlanta; I was amazed how similar downtown Atlanta is to the DC Metro area. I was surprised at how walkable downtown Atlanta is and from the Convention Center to my hotel, which is at Midtown. I was also amaze at how similar Atlanta’s transit system, MARTA, is to the Metro in DC: similar structure, track work on weekends, similar seating. The differences are MARTA takes 15-20 minutes to the next train, and they have digital ads (c’mon Metro, if you want to make money, get digital ads on your train or have scan shop grocery story the Koreans have).

Today, the conference officially begins with keynote speaker Condaleeza Rice and the expo hall opening. Follow me on Twitter at @tracytran and follow this blog for updates and opinions.

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