If I Were Running A Company…#SHRM12 Last Day

Today was the last day of the conference where people are carrying to head out to their homes, or their vacation homes, or jumping ahead of 4th of July plans.

Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw was the closing keynote and had to follow Jerry Seinfeld, who was the “margarita,” and he was the “hangover.” Brokaw’s main point in his keynote is “big ideas.” He is upset at both political parties of promoting “small ideas” and need to take risks that people care. Another big idea is military hiring that HR has a huge role in transition veterans from military life to civilian life. Finally, he wants more private-public partnerships like they have in Indiana with Mitch Daniels partnered with companies on toll roads. The last part has gotten a lot of play last month as private-public partnerships were great in the 50s and 60s, but polarization and power has shattered that relationship. Brokaw has been around the block and he knows what he talking about.

Concurrent Sessions

Only attended one session today and that’s “Is Social Recruiting Really Working?” Some highlights:

– 14% of people trust what they see in social media.
– 67% of people thought their job is different than what they expect on the job description. Thought that number was low.
– Jim Stroud touting Google+, while the panel ignore the fact.
– 87% of people who use Pinterest are female.
– Jeremy Langhans said his company use Instagram to better source candidates. Need to use that.
– To get quality referrals, you have to go outside your network. That’s where the quality of talent is at its best.
– Social Recruiting (or Social Media for that matter) is democratizing communication.

That is all for the conference. Tomorrow, I will write a post on the attendees reaction to the conference. On Friday, I will write my own views on the conference.

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