If I Were Running A Company…Sick and Work

Recently, I had a terrible case of the stomach flu. It has been a long time since I had the stomach flu and forgot how it feels. I had diarrhea and a headache. It wasn’t a pretty site.

The stomach flu reminds me of the time in high school that I went to school every day just to receive the perfect attendance award, just like my older brother did. There were days I was very sick and still attend just for that purpose. When I graduated in 2001, the school did away with the perfect attendance award and the past four years when I attended school every day, I work for my perfect attendance for nothing. I was pretty upset about it.

Fast forward several years later and now when I get sick, I work…at home thanks to technology.

Mostly everyone will say that if you do get sick, you have to rest up and focus on getting better. If you’re sick, don’t even think about an 8-hour workday; but think about having 1 hour of energy to do work. In today’s world, you can be catch up in an instant with work emails and internal chats, so there’s no excuse of saying “somebody, catch me up on things” the next day.

There will be moments you are going to be sick and can’t attend work, but with the technology we have, work happens every day. There are no days off.

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