If I Were Running A Company…Smart and/or Brilliant

A lot of people are using smart and brilliant as they were interchangeable. Unlike I discuss about success and talent, you understand why smart and brilliant can be the same.

To simplify, being brilliant is having an idea and plan; being smart is having knowledge, wisdom, and execute the plan. Basically, you have the creators and then you have the implementors. There’s nothing wrong with it…just don’t have too much on one side.

You don’t want too many brilliant people who are have ideas but don’t know how to follow-up on their idea. You don’t want all smart people who know what they’re doing, but don’t know where to start. You need a good mix of smart and brilliant people and your business is lucky, you get a few people who are both smart and brilliant. Smart and brilliant are not mutually exclusive.

What I’m trying to say is find the right mix of smart and brilliant people in your business. That’s actually the easy part. The hard part is what their intention is. Smart people are there to implement. Brilliant people have a purpose, either good or bad. You have to know two things: it is good for the long-term and was it worth it? It isn’t smart or brilliant; that’s instincts.

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