If I Were Running A Company…Talent/Cultural Fit

Written by Tracy


This month is the climax of conference/events season and I have attended a few already. In many sessions, many recruiters are discussing about talent and cultural fit and say which is most important to them

Let me give you the answer: you need both talent and cultural fit in the workplace you’re going. It prolongs the business and workplace culture the business has established. However, what if it’s an either/or situation?

The Case For Talent:

What every company needs is talent. It’s the most expensive, but it’s the biggest reward, if you find the right people. Talent can lead to new discoveries for your business. What businesses need is to diversify to reach to different markets and audiences. Talent leads to potential new opportunities that could benefit for the long run.

The Case For Cultural Fit:

Cultural fit gives an identity to the business and you know what to expect when you come in. You should not be surprises of what the workplace culture looks like because you been told by a friend or colleague. Cultural fit reflects on the people heading up the company and if they reflect on your views, you would want to go to that company.

The debate between either talent or cultural fit is like asking the question which is first, the chicken or the egg?

To me, talent comes first because although it has the biggest risk/reward, it is the long-term solution. While cultural fit can be good to identify which people would want to join your company, cultural fit lasts when the people, who establish the current culture, are gone.

For talent, you can go many directions. If you’re a startup or struggling company, you would want to find the best talent available. If a company wants to head to a new direction, talent will be looked upon first. Talent is the proactive approach to extend the life of the business.

Ask yourself this: do you think the workplace culture will be the same five years from now? Remember, cultural fit is only an idea. It’s the people that make the businesses (and ideas) last longer.

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