If I Were Running A Company…HR/Recruiting to Marketing

Written by Tracy

This is the prelude to my presentation on recruiting for NovaSHRM coming up tomorrow. If you live in the area, please RSVP here. If you’re not, I hope you follow someone who tweets at the event.

network-marketingThere’s a movement, in the recruitment/talent acquisition sector, where recruiters want to be part of the marketing department because it gives them the freedom to do whatever they want, without the restrictions from HR and use the marketing resources to promote their job openings. Here’s my answer to that:


Let’s understand this: recruiters use marketing tools to promote the job opening they have, however recruiters are NOT marketers. What recruiters are is “UNmarketers.” Recruiters are supposed to find people and build relationships for personal or professional reasons.

Why you are hearing this talk about recruiting moving to the marketing department because recruiters perceived that they’re getting bogged down by the stiffness and strict HR department. In reality, recruiters have a gunslinger mentality, but HR people keep everything in check. There’s suppose to be tension and that’s fine; I just think some recruiters are putting too much blame on HR as whole and not focusing on the individual in HR. Some HR professionals follow the letter of the law and some follow the spirit of the law. It’s up to the organization to decide what role HR (and recruiting plays) that varies on the personality of the company currently.

This is why I still consider recruiting an HR function because recruiters find the talent and HR develop and train the employees. It’s up to the recruiters to give much information to HR/hiring managers of what to expect from the applicant. What recruiters are scouts for the employer. The marketing aspect is only a secondary factor.

If you want to be a recruiter, don’t try be a marketer; be the unmarketer. Do not rely on post-and-pray, rely on building relationships and pipelines to connect.

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