Inauguration Craziness


I stayed home knowing a lot of people would attend the “We Are One” concert.  I also wanted to watch if the Arizona Cardinals would win the NFC Championship game.  I saw the concert on HBO and it looked stunning (except Josh Groban).  It would be a nice concert to attend, but I saw real hope in action… the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Eagles to be the NFC representative for the Super Bowl.  Let me repeat it again in CAPS: THE ARIZONA CARDINALS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!  


I went to the DC in the morning just to see how they setup for the inauguration.  I went to the Mall to soak it in (and the MSNBC booth) of what I was going to miss.  After my exploration to the Mall, I headed down to Cleveland Park to have an NPR reunion with Claire, Desiree, and Emily to talk about our current lives and events.  Honestly, I expected a few more people to come by, but still it is nice to see friends face-to-face in a long time, to talk about anything and reminiscing of why our NPR internship is still special after 3 years.  After out 2005 Summer Intern Reunion Ball Luncheon, I headed back home.  When I arived at the Vienna Metro station, I saw there was a huge line of people going to the station.  The line extended from the Metro platform to the parking garage.  Since this was in Vienna, I expected a lot of people from Northern Virginia to come to DC since it was one of the areas that help propel Obama to win Virginia.  I thought for myself that I made the right decision not attending the event the following day.


I wanted to go to be the Mall just to be part of history.  I do not mind to be in the cold, but when you have to wake up at 3AM, your Metro stop is at the end of the line, getting surrounded by people you don’t know, a bunch of knuckleheads (really), there’s a potential for trouble.  I did see it on HDTV (NBC if you want to know) and it was stunning to see the crowds fill up the mall with their American flags waving.  I only wished I lived in Rosslyn, that I can walk on Key Bridge (symbolism alert) to the Mall to see the event.  The swearing-in ceremony was very uplifting and realistic from Obama and it seemed everyone is ready to do their service (except now since people didn’t recycle or throw away the trash in a bin).  The highlights from the ceremony, for me, were the reaction from the crowd when they announce George W. Bush and Rick Warren and the benediction from Rev. Lowery.  It was also disappointing that the parade didn’t have an audience because of what happened at the Senate luncheon when Senator Ted Kennedy had a seizure and the luncheon was extended to another hour.  Just to let you know, Teddy’s fine, he had an episode.  I’m glad the people saw Obama during the parade route, but wish they should stayed an extra hour to see the rest of the parade.  Then again, it was cold and dark and the time for ballin’.  Finally, it was time to watch the inaugural balls and see people bringing up their cameras to capture the moment and share it with others and tell them their photo has no light or the photo was fuzzy, and take as many pictures as they can so they can brag to their friends that they were there.

What’s next:

Obama tells us the work starts now.  I am doing that by trying to help people find jobs.  I also know this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  This is a long process, but everyone,  including myself, the job seeker, and the potential employer can do this to help out the economy.  Actually, I’m doing that tomorrow (or today).

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