Ingrid Michaelson

I went to the benefit concert last week at George Washington University for one purpose:  To see Ingrid Michaelson. 

The Concert:

The opening acts of April Smith and Ari Smith were good.  I really like someone from April Smith’s band rocking the ukulele.  Now onto the main attraction, Ingrid.  I was really surprised that her set is very vibrant and alive.  I heard a couple of songs from her and it felt cool and calm, but not energetic.  The concert was abuzz and between the songs, she is a down-to-Earth girl and felt authentic, and she’s a funny gal.  Although there were mistakes, the relax attitude made it fun and I really respect her as a performer.  She does seem humble by her success and really loves her band.  It was probably the second best concert experience I went to, behind Collective Soul because of the weather elements that enhance the show.  After the concert, I bought her two albums and it’s very different from the concert I listened to, but still a good listen.

The Real Reason:

Now I know what you’re thinking:  you went to the Ingrid Michaelson concert because of Grey’s Anatomy and the Old Navy commercials.  Well, I didn’t know that was Ingrid singing those songs, although I did watch Grey’s Anatomy because it’s about time an Asian had sex on the telly, and I had no idea about Old Navy. 

I found out about Ingrid from an article on the Washington Post Express about Ingrid and a big picture of her.  First thought in my mind:  The Next Lisa Loeb.  The only differences are that she’s ten years younger and has red hair.  Other than that, they have similar paths.  Both use a different format other than an album release (Lisa for movies, Ingrid for TV) to get to the top of the charts, both are into folk pop, and the most important thing:  they both have thick-rimmed glasses.  Yes, I’m attracted to celebrities who can have that look because there’s an aura of mystery to people who wear those glasses (Yes I know, I’m bias), but, it’s true.  It’s why I found Lisa Loeb and Tiny Fey attractive for all these years.  If I have my top three fantasy dates, it would be Ingrid Michaelson, Lisa Loeb, and the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.  Tina Fey would be out because she’s a fan of Hillary Clinton and that would be an internal conflict of interest for me. 

Disclaimer: Now, I have friends who wear thick-rimmed glasses who are attractive and I’ll say this:  I’m still your friend and besides, I’m trying to find someone to get married at age 30 or beyond, so I have plenty of time.  And don’t worry, I will not distract or flirt with you. 

Back to the topic, so I wanted to go in concert to see how Ingrid is in live action form.  Three words come to mind:  Voluptuous, Real, and Spectacular.  Plus, the music was great, so that was a bonus.  It was a fun night for a great cause and I hope this is not in stalker mode.

Music I’m listening to now, FYI:

  • Sevendust last two albums
  • Ingrid Michaelson
  • R.E.M – Accerlate
  • Flight of the Conchords
  • Live
  • The Black Keys


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