It’s That Time of Year…Again

This week  is my birthday and I will likely get gifts, money, and a couple of surprises. However, I also want you to donate some time and take a look at the organizations for this year. Here are the 5 for this year:

  1. Washington Nationals Dream Foundation – I have been more of a baseball fan this year more than any time because this team was attempting to try to compete on and off the field. The team has achieved that and their foundation does a wonderful job on their charities. Go check them out.
  2. Alternative House – I have a few people at Alternative House from the ViennaTysons Chamber of Commerce and they’re great people working on a great cause for abused and homeless children’s refuges.
  3. Hiring for Hope – If you’ve been following my person and business account, you notice the #jobangels hashtag on NatsJobs and other job postings. It was started by Mark Stelzner to help job seekers find a job in a tough market. He forward the program to Hiring for Hope and they do a great job helping and still continue to use the #jobangels tag
  4. The Harry Potter Alliance – I actually met a representative from the Harry Potter Alliance at the NTEN Nonprofit Tech Conference last March and had no idea it existed and did not know they were a non-profit in Massachusetts. I just find that cool. Wish I could create a “Psych”-o’s Non-Profit or the Free Mr.Tony Foundation.
  5. George Mason University School of Management Alumni Chapter – I’m a little bias since I’m part of the Board of Directors and the chapter is doing networking events this year. So come on by (also, they have their Alumni Celebration on September 29, FYI).
There you go. Also, if you live in the DC area, I’ll be celebrating my birthday at Nationals Park in the afternoon. Join me at Section 104 for the fun. Take care.

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