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I’m here to announce that I recently join Recruit4Cause as their Outreach Director. Recruit4Cause is a job opportunity board for for-profits and non-profits. The only difference is 10% of the revenue, using Recruit4Cause services, will go to charity. The company prides in corporate social responsibility and it will benefit not only charity, but for the company.

Recruit4Cause is created by Ed Hasan, who I know personally since were both board members of George Mason University’s School of Management Alumni Chapter. Ed created this company based on his personal and professional experiences and he has a great heart and is committed to make Recruit4Cause work and that’s main reason I joined.

We will fully launch the website in November (the link above is the beta version). In the meantime, for updates:

On a personal note, I am still looking around for other HR/recruiting opportunities, as well as I will continue with NatsJobs. If you’re wondering why I joined another job board; they’re two different job boards. Recruit4Cause is more of a general job board that have unique features for job seekers and employers, while NatsJobs is an interactive job board where people engage during Nationals game about the jobs posted and baseball. In both cases, I want job seekers to have better knowledge and access to the companies and organizations they applied for, and for recruiters and hiring managers to have a better candidate experience for their business.

I have been a social do-gooder my whole working career and this is another way to help out not only individuals and companies, but society as a whole. I can’t wait to get Recruit4Cause running.

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