Jumping into Online Dating

Written by Tracy

Well, I jumped in to the world online dating and join Match.com. The only reason I joined Match.com was that MLB and Match.com have a partnership where you can find single people who share your favorite team. I was intrigue by it and took a shot.

The result: meh.

I will admit there are some attractive women, attractive women who are out of my league, some are the marrying type, and some that are desperate. However, what do almost all the women on Match.com have in common? They all have the same profile. Here are some of my favorites that were in most profiles I saw:

  • “I want a guy who’s adventurous and funny, but also willing to chill , watch TV, and drink wine.”
  • “I am smart, outgoing, funny.”
  • “I don’t know how to describe myself.”
  • “I let go of the bar scene.”
  • Favorite TV Shows: Scandal, How I Met Your Mother”

I know in recruiting and staffing, I tell people to build your personal brand and distinguish yourself from the rest, but c’mon, you can’t write something that might be different from the others? This is why no one read your profiles and only checks out your pictures because that’s the only unique part about your profile. It might be discriminatory, but that’s what you get of a bland profile.

As for the MLB feature, it’s alright, although when I check some people’s profiles, some do put multiple teams like they want to cover their bases (no pun intended), even having both Nationals and Orioles, and even some have Red Sox and Yankees communities. Personally, it’s better to do a keyword search and narrow your choices from age, religion, politics. I did a keyword search “Nats” and got a good number. Now for some, “Nats” is short for Natalie, but the early search results does mention Nationals fans and/or Nats Park.

Of note, I do see some of friends are on Match.com and frankly, that freaks me out for some reason I can’t understand myself.

As for the responses, nothing much. It’s really a lose-lose situation. If you wink, it’s the same thing as a Facebook poke, but more annoying. It you email or call, some will view you as a stalker, although, some do ask them to email them to open the communications. I’m not the most attractive person, so I guess some view me as Dahmer.

I will say I like the online dating scene and see what’s out there, but it needs to be more efficient. I think people love to have similar traits to relate, but this is why I don’t like the percentage match because if there is a perfect match, what is there to work for on building a relationship? It’s alright to share the same things, but it’s alright to go to the unknown. Maybe that’s why most profiles were vague because they want the same things, and at the same time, be surprised. That’s a hard act to pull.

I don’t mind online dating, but I like the social media because of the random conversations and you’re trying to build a relationship. It’s still, in my opinion, the best route of finding a partner (except meeting face-to-face). However, as in recruiting, you need multiple sources to branch out and find the one (I’ll save the purple squirrel joke for later).

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  • Geez, I am a recruiter, and I have been on Match.com for 3 months now. It is my first experience with online dating. In 3 months, I have had nearly 2500 views of my profile. I get a lot of “action” meaning winks, emails and likes. I usually will give out my number or email to someone I like, as it is easier. I have chatted with many wonderful, successful men. However, I have found that if you only talk to one at a time, you’ll die trying to find the right one!! So I chat with maybe 10 at a time, then when I get to the point that I want to meet one, then I do. Three things can happen, it will either move forward and grow into more than a friendship, it will be a “fail,” because they creep me out, or it will stay as a friendship. After 3 months, am I dating right now? Not yet, I am still working on my “screening” process. The first meeting is really just an interview.
    But soon…very soon. I am very close to narrowing it down to one.
    Go ahead, look me up, lol. My profile is nothing like you stated in your article. username: Retanh.

    • Helen – That’s cool. I’ll admit I’m an acquired taste and finding local people because I have been in the DC Metro area all my life. BTW, I saw your profile and know why you have 2500 views. Oh, mine is ttran37, FYI.

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