Last Weekend of April 2009

I rarely type anything personal on my blog since I go to Twitter a lot, but for this post, it’s pretty big to fit in 140 characters.

I am going to be live tweeting today (midnight as I’m typing on the East Coast now) at the Young Non-Profit Network (YNPN)’s National Conference in DC, then going to happy hour following the conference, then stay to enjoy Game 5 (well, if the Caps win, then I’ll enjoy it) and live tweet there.

Saturday will be non-stop NFL Draft action and on Sunday, a little NFL Draft and if the Caps win Game 5, then possibly going to a DC NHL Tweetup in the afternoon. 

I’m also mentioning this because it has been a bizzaro week.  Monday, I was wearing my hockey jersey and jeans and won a signed Chris Clark hockey stick. On Wednesday, I carpooled on Earth Day and wore business casual.  Likely today, I will be wearing business formal…on a FRIDAY!!!  That’s is so messed up (but it will be all messed up if the Caps lose the series).

Alright, so I see you in DC on Friday for the YNPN conference, Rock the Red, and follow my insanity on the NFL Draft, where it’s likely the Skins will officially become DC’s 2nd team if they trade up for Mark Sanchez.

Bye for now.

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