I won’t go on a rant about layoffs because everyone knows it sucks and I’m not going to beat a dead horse again.

This has been bothering me a couple days because I’ve been attending job seekers group meetings to assist my fellow HR folks to find jobs. In those meetings, we discuss that the Baltimore-Washington D.C. area is less likely to be hit by the recession and the job market will be steady. I tend to agree with that statement since DC is filled with nonprofits, associations, public sectors, and technology.

However, when I heard the news that NPR was laying off 7 percent of their staff and their neighbors, Atlantic Video were laying off as well, plus other companies I heard from blogs to multimedia news, that are laying off as well.

This leads me with two thoughts: 1) We’re beyond the recession as the main cause for these layoffs and 2) stubborness from companies. When I’m thinking about this more, number 2 might be more of an indicator why in DC, people are getting laid off.

I do think most people are doing their jobs and trying to survive in the mess everyone is in, but it’s the company’s reaction to the situation that could make or break. The problem is there’s only one solution during these times: A proactive solution. Sadly, only a rare few have taken that option.

Here’s my analysis of the layoffs: although I live in a great town in DC, this is still a reactionary area. Companies are reacting to the situation and not enough aggressiveness. If companies worried about their status quo…they should because the rules and environment are changing everyday and not one method will heal your company’s troubles.  Right now, every resource counts from the wisdom of your executives, the experts, and the evolving technology for companies and it’s how they use the resources and the direction to determine where the company is heading.

Let me conclude by paraphrasing from a former co-worker of mine, Jane Hardin, that summarizes this post:

“If they make a proactive approach, even if it’s not popular among employees, their business will be successful down the line. If you react, it’s too late for your company.  Assertiveness is the only option.”

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