Listen Up: Re-visited

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Tony Kornheiser returns to the radio airwaves on Tuesday. To honor his return, we must celebrate the upcoming 10-year anniversary of Listen Up

Listen Up was a semi-autobiographical account of Tony Kornheiser’s life through his books and his columns in the Washington Post’s Style section. The sitcom mostly focuses on Tony’s personal life, but it also shows Tony’s day job as co-host of Listen Up.

The role of Tony Kornheiser (or in the sitcom world, Tony Kleinman) was played by Jason Alexander. The role of Michael Wilbon (Bernie Widmer) was played by Malcolm-Jamal Warner.  Instead of setting the sitcom in D.C., the show’s setting was in Philadelphia. It had all the Mr.Tony nuisances…but in Philly. In addition, Mr. Tony, in real life, is 6’0″, while Jason…is not, so a lot of short jokes were incorporated.

I wish I can tell you something memorable about Listen Up, but the only thing that pops up is Jason Alexander getting half-naked. I wonder Mr. Tony did that in real-life?

No wonder her daughter is afraid of him.

The first few episodes were standard family sitcom stuff, but the second half of the season picked it up. While not Emmy quality, at least it was better than Jason’s last sitcom he did after Seinfeld, Bob Patterson. Listen Up! was cancelled after one season. There’s unlikely a reunion, but it would be nice if Greg Garcia, of The Millers, and former board operator for the Tony Kornheiser Show, would re-boot the series

Random: If there is a sports writer who should have his own sitcom, I think it’s Dan Le Batard. He can tell stories of him being single, trying to make a relationship work, being sweaty, and have his father mocking him at every turn.

For the rest of your Labor Day Weekend, if you have a chance, watch Listen Up. Oh wait, you can watch all 22 episodes here:

Side note: Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kornheiser

Don’t forget Mr. Tony returns to radio on September 2 on ESPN980 at 10AM ET, and you can listen to the show on the same day if you missed the “live” show (hopefully) (and no, Dan Snyder didn’t pay me to do this).

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