Live-blogging Pushing Daisies 3 and Obama

9:01 PM:  Fred Willard is on next week, I hope.  SHI*s-TZU.  Okay, back to baseball, basketball, and politics.

8:59 PM:  It’s odd that Ned wears black, while the others are wearing colorful outfits and he has the hot date.  Man, does Stephen Root have to be the killer?

8:58 PM:  Wilbon is getting some pudding tonight.  Ned facing his family.

8:57 PM:  Trying to hide sticky buns, chubby?  How dare you?!!!  Of course, I prefer egg rolls.

8:54 PM:  Wilbon, think ice cream.  You know what, Simone is your bitch.

8:51 PM:  It had to be the chunky Asian who wants to be known.

8:50 PM:  I wishing the Phillies would kill this inning, so we can focus on other stuff.

8:49 PM:  Asian on Asian crime.  NOOOO!!!!!!!

8:44 PM:  Ocean’s 11, sadly including Ned, the Porno Cowboy.

8:43 PM:  A little off-topic, The Phils began the middle of the 6th with a double.  Hello championship, Philly.

8:40 PM:  Chuck and Olive playing Asian waitresses…Eh.

8:38 PM:  Ned putting his foot down on his dysfunctional family.  I agree, you don’t trust magicians.

8:36 PM:  There’s a dim sum restaurant and a noodle restaurant.  Can you merge to make an awesome Asian restaurant?

8:33 PM:  Who’s killing all these Asians? 

8:30 PM:  Perfect ending at an 8 PM slot for Obama.  Big crowds, documentary-like, making leeways.  Great infomercial for the campaign.

8:27 PM:  Oh, live coverage of Obama in Florida.  That’s a nice surprise and very effective.  And when did he become Hillary Clinton?  On the other side, someone got caught.

8:26 PM:  Twins.  Ned has half-brothers.

8:25 PM:  Just get some pudding tonight, Wilbon.

8:20 PM:  Joe Biden is still listed as “U.S. Senator – Delaware”?  How about a converted effort and say “Future Vice President.”

8:18 PM:  Food gambling?  I got myself a new business plan!!!  I wonder if there is a fantasy food league or snackdown (Shout out to the Mr. Tony message board).

8:16 PM:  Illegal gambling.  Don’t they know the Chinese are good, but not great as the Vietnamese.  You know the World Series of Poker?  Full of my distant relatives.

8:15 PM:  The Cluepad.  I like it.  What we’re missing is the Mystery Machine.

8:13 PM:  I feel for you, Wilbon, it’s very addictive.

8:12 PM:  This infomercial is for the undecidied.  I know his policies, so back to Daisies.  More Asian food talk.

8:10 PM:  Back to Obama, using cards, but I want visuals.  Can he do it in Powerpoint?  It worked for Gore.

8:08 PM:  Nobody shall mess with other precious delicacy…The pressure cooker.

8:07 PM:  Asian cooking keeps everyone alive.

8:05 PM:  Simone and Michael Wilbon making chocolate tonight.

8:04 PM:  As expected, Obama giving the economy speech.  Seems like your fell-good story.  As for Daisies, I want some dim sum.

8:02 PM:  Hell yeah, Jimmy James is in the house.  I love NewsRadio.  Of course, he’s known for Office Space, but get the DVD collection of Newsradio now.

8:01 PM:  Of course Ned loses on a double 00.

8:00 PM:  Here come my fingers going out.

7:53 PM:  I’m going to try both blog both events.  Anyone know I can see the Obama infomercial online?

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