Live-blogging Pushing Daisies 4

9:00 PM:  It was touching at the end using the bee set.  That was very nice.  Sadly, not enough Wilbon jokes.  I’ll try better.

8:59 PM:  I love the show, but showing a half-naked old man won’t bring the show ratings.

8:57 PM:  Uh-oh…

8:56 PM   Role play…I want to be Michael Beschloss.

8:55 PM:  When did Ned became a golfer?

8:54 PM:  Maureen Dowd the Magician.  That has the nice touch.

8:51 PM:  Tompkins must of paid the producers big time.

8:46 PM:  Nevermind, the producers really love Best Week Ever.  By the way, being a redhead is hot.  Now, Pfaff is going to kill me.

8:45 PM:  Tompkins dead…the producers must hate pop culture show.

8:42 PM:  Wonder Twins power, activate in form of…I got nothing.

8:37 PM:  Is there anything eco-friendly for hippies to cheer?

8:35 PM:  Adult diapers?  Ned’s family are weird.

8:34 PM:  Kind of cruel that Dad left at a magic act.  He went Steven Bing on them.

8:31 PM:  Fred Willard is still alive?  Is he going to break it down folk style?

8:29 PM:  I think I’m starting to have a crush on Ellen Greene

8:26 PM:  Tompkins only eat glass, pickpockets value, and cares about PETA.  My guess is the producers love Best Week Ever over The Soup (McHale died of poison and other combinations).

8:24 PM:  Ned kicking ass and taking names.  That’s how he rolls.

8:22 PM:  Noooo, Fred Willard dead and Chuck with a boa.  Steaming inside my shirt.

8:20 PM:  This is scary,  I have the same hairdo as Alton Brown.  Stop copying me Alton…can you teach how to cook a perfect turkey?

8:18 PM:  The killer eats a BLT.  Dude loves to eat animals…Wait…TOMPKINS!!!

8:16 PM:  Jimmy James turned evil.  I thought he was a nitwit.

8:15 PM:  The Blueberries…Sweet.  Dingleberries…Classic.

8:12 PM:  Who would kill these animals?  Also, where is Fred’s Million Dollar Belt?

8:10 PM:  At least the Kay Jewelers commercial is romantic.  What was the commercial about Zales with the guy going to another building, pull the string, and swing the ring to her girlfriend?  Dude, be a man and kneel and don’t be that fancy.

8:08 PM:  Fred as gay magician.  Stroking the goatee.  I prefer beards.

8:05 PM:  Anna Friel using her real voice.  Versatile and don’t mind getting a telemarketing call from her.

8:04 PM:  All Star show.  Including Fred Willard, you get Paul F. Tompkins.  As we learn the past week, the B plot is always the best.

8:02 PM:  Wilbon taking care of business.  Oh, Happy 50th to the Real Wilbon.

8:01 PM:  Twins as magicians…where’s the White Tiger?

8:00 PM:  Oooh, Language and Violence, but no Sex.  Darn.

7:48 PM:  The 6th of 13 episodes of Pushing Daisies.  Damn people, more watching and more DVRing the show.

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