Live-blogging Pushing Daisies 5

9:00 PM:  The crossover episode next week, or should be depending on my network.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Oh, one more surprise tomorrow.

8:57 PM:  Oh snap,  Charles Charles is coming alive.  Damn you, evil Jimmy James!!!!

8:55 PM:  Wilbon is great for the money, but he needs to know how to pitch or untuck his shirt.

8:53 PM:  Couldn’t they use a name Mitt or Henry as the enemy?

8:49 PM:  Rob Reich?  Do they believe the former Secretary of Labor is that evil?  Are they going after the vertically challenged?

8:46 PM:  Ooooh, actual drama.  Intense.

8:45 PM:  Stress-eating?  Everyone has that.  Nice try though.

8:44 PM  I forgot, Rosie Live is on.  Eh.

8:40 PM:  Again, where’s my Jimmy James?!!!

8:38 PM:  Ned is the freakish talent, Chuck has the Super-Sniffer, and Wilbon is the token black guy.  It’s Psych, but with no Irish guy.

8:36 PM:  Is this a crossover episode of The Knights of Prosperity?  I thought the crossover was next week.  Damn, I missed that show.

8:34 PM:  CORRECTION:  It’s Tam Fong.  Either way, no love for the Asians.

8:33 PM:  Just a friendly reminder, some stores have alerts one hour before the stores open on Black Friday.  The best time for a prank

8:29 PM:  Jimmy James has been influence by the Coen Brothers so much.  Watch too much Javier Bardem.

8:27 PM:  Yes, I would convert Chuck’s old room into a cheese room.  I wonder they Buffalo Wing Cheese?  If I were me, I would change it into the touchscreen room like to news analysts use in the election.

8:25 PM:  Ah crap, Tommy Fong looks likes me from last year, but more skinny and more goofy wearing the elf suit.

8:23 PM:  Here’s a weapon of chopice when facing Asians..Durian.

8:20 PM:  I don’t like seriously evil Jimmy James.  Where’s the fun, nitwit Jimmy James.

8:18 PM:  OMG,  Jimmy James is both Squidward and Plankton, but with clothes.

8:17 PM:  The show is not in favor of Asians.

8:15 PM:  My prediction, the porter the bell ringer did it.

8:13 PM:  Big to Berdunk-a-dunk.  Wilbon strikes gold again.  Also, a key party is intriguing depending on the prospects.

8:11 PM:  I watch The Bonnie Hunt Show and they had someone from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  The guest is very similar in looks and stature to the gold-digger.  Let me say they’re both not the sharpest of knives.

8:09 PM:  Gold-digging wife?  I thought we ran out of those during these economic times.  Although old guy through a chandellor creating fireworks is good business.

8:06 PM:  Someone kill the spinning yarning inventor?  And he’s rich?  Wow, I’m thinking this is set in Florida.  Well,  the back drop is from Universal Studios.

8:03 PM:  May I request a stronger drink…Johnnie Walker Blue.

8:02 PM:  Stress-baking?  Perfect term for tomorrow.  Paranoia in the kitchen.

8:01 PM:  Eh, Ferrets had to die soon.  Oh well.

8:00 PM:  Young Ned was a terrible gambler

7:55 PM:  This will be the seventh of 13 episodes of Pushing Daisies and 6 more episodes until it’s gone forever.  Please enjoy it while its on-air.  Also, to be serious for a moment, thoughts and prayers for the people at Mumbai, India.

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