Live-blogging: Pushing Daisies

This is my desperate attempt to bring new viewers for Pushing Daisies.  Let’s see how it goes:

9:01 PM:  That was fun.  Ok, go back to whatever you’re watching, but I’m not going to blog about Private Practice.

9:00 PM:  Next week:  Pre-debate with Pushing Daisies and guys acts as priests and nuns.   Add a rabbi and let’s start this party.

8:59 PM:  Not the best of endings, but aren’t they a cute couple?!

8:56 PM:  How can Ned throw a fastball that accurate?  Wilbon wants a hug-out.  Sweet!  Good ol’ Mayor McCheese.

8:54 PM:  The acrobat did it.  Guy can’t get a job at Cirque Du Soleil or he wasn’t talented enough?

8:51 PM:  When you are worried about what you did.  Go to a prize storage.  Genius.

8:47 PM:  A trailer is cutting very close for Ned and Chuck to touch.  Does the director know about positioning?

8:45 PM:  Chuck wearing plaid pants and this is the emotional scene.  I’m gonna cry.

8:43 PM:  I hope that was Vanilla Vodka Lily poured in her oatmeal.  The lighting on Olive is very creepy.

8:40 PM:  I wonder there’s a LeapFrog book about Pardon the Interruption?

8:38 PM:  I’m worried about Ned; still thinking about Chuck and can’t stand it.  No wonder studies say parents need to develop vocabulary in the first few years for the kid to succeed.

8:35 PM:  If you get an envelope of 12 free pies, it’s definitely a fake, unless you’re Dorothy Letterman.

8:34 PM:  Ok Lily is Chuck’s mother, Charles Charles is not Chuck’s father.  Thank goodness it didn’t go to creeptown.

8:29 PM:  No wonder clowns are scary for kids;  they become worse and worse with their make-up.  I blame KISS.

8:28 PM:  Of course you need a waitress to cover the Pie Hole.  So many references for Saturday Night Live.

8:26 PM:  I just realize, this show is similar to my other favorite show, Psych.  Gifted white guy, straight-up black guy.  I want 80s references.  Oh well, Wonderfalls references will do.

8:24 PM:  Triple Berry pie…Yum in the tum.  I love variety in my food.  Minced pie is my favorite pie, you get the whole kitchen sink of fruits.

8:22 PM:  It’s a crime to miss Samantha Who? Don’t tell that to Helio Castroneves.

8:19 PM:  Chuck really needs to have glasses.  If you see side to side of Tina Fey, she looks solid without glasses, but without it, she defies the laws of gravity.  There’s a hug difference.  Trust me.

8:17 PM:  No popcorn or carnival rides?  It this Carnivale all over again?

8:15 PM: Great church films:  Keeping the Faith, The Apostle.   That’s the only one I can think of.

8:13 PM:  We’re going to the circus to find the clown.  It’s Sideshow Bob, Damnit!!!

8:11 PM:  Kelly Ripa doing an appliance commercial.  She use to be the hottest daytime talk show, but Bonnie Hunt is coming close.

8:09 PM:  Mime mystery.  Gee someone must of really been jealous someone took that area.  It’s The Wire all over again.

8:06 PM:  Nice poetry and the Michael Wilbon quote, “Who wants to make some money?”  Sadly, everyone wants it.  Here’s the easy way;  get crack and convert it to government paper.

8:04 PM:  Michael Wilbon knits and tries to do his job.  Looks like the real Wilbon while watching 7 shows at once and typing.

8:02 PM:  Anna Friel in vibrant orange.  Nice.

8:01 PM:  The Piemaker kept Tweety and killed Woody Woodpecker.

8:00 PM: Good, no “previously on…”  Seems pretentious.

7:58 PM: 

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