Lynapalooza was a get-together (not a tweetup, Tweeple [rolling eyes]) of all the Mr. Tony littles meeting Lyn for the first time. Lyn is in D.C. from Arizona for finalizing her late husband’s estate.  So, this was a good time to meet together and enjoy a baseball game, hence Lynapalooza.

For my adventures, I started going to D.C. in the afternoon to go to Rumors to see a friend there, but she doesn’t work on weekends anymore.  So, I walked a few blocks to ESPNZone to watch what is going on (I know, sad).  Stay there for an hour when I got my assignment to go to Eastern Market for a quick dinner.  I headed back to the Metro and arrive there at 3:30 PM…1 HOUR EARLY!  I’ve been to Eastern Market before, but I did not know they had the depth of independent restaurants.  There were franchises like Subway and Popeye’s, but there are quality restaurants, and the one our posse went, Lola’s, was solid (although the bacon on my club wrap was burnt, but it was decent).  We got our dinner and now onto Nationals Park.

Before going to Nationals Park, heavy rain hit upon us, so Esther, her husband John 1, Dobber, Lyn, and I headed to the parking lot that was tailgated by a bunch of Phillies fans and stayed in the car for roughly 15 minutes.  We were looking at radar and weather reports to see if the game will start on time.  Fifteen minutes later, the rain calmed down and we were on our way to Nats Park, where we met John 2 and Beth, Erin, Steve and Julie, and two people I finally met: Kitty and her family, and Shad and his family.  

I mostly talk to Shad most of the night because we’ve been writing a lot of stuff through Twitter and the Tony Kornheiser Message Board (yes, it exists… actually, there’s 2 Mr. Tony message boards).  This was our first face-to-face encounter and I have to say, Shad couldn’t be a more of a nicer guy.  I knew him being a professor, haikuist, and a Mr. Tony enthusiast, but when you get to know him in person, you get a deeper appreciation of him.  He told great stories from his trip to Boston, to getting a home run ball in Tiger Stadium in Detroit and was truly having fun with his family and the minions surrounding him.  He is also on Twitter, so if you have a chance, follow @shadfromdc and holds his annual chili cook-off every year if you live in the D.C. area (not the DC101 chili cook-off that was going on at RFK the same day yesterday; his is at the beginning of spring). (Of note:  I finally met Mark Stelzner for the first time last Wednesday in the Project SAME meeting.  He is the fifth HR/Recruiting person I met face-to-face that has Twitter. I got 495 to go. Must be “Meet people face-to-face for the first time Week.” )

We knew the game would not be finished because of the weather, so we hoped the game goes past 5 innings, which it did.  So it was the top of the sixth inning, the Phillies were up 7-5 (I wasn’t paying attention to the game that much), bases loaded with Ryan Howard at bat is when the heavy downpour was dumped on Nationals Park and everyone headed to the roof.  Then, the fun begins.

To set the scene, our group was surrounded by Phillies fans…essentially; the majority of the stadium was surrounded by Phillies fans.  I felt like I was the sole Clippers fan surrounded by Lakers fans.  There were two sides of Phillies fans: on our left were the respectful and loud Phillies fans; on our right were the obnoxious and boisterous Phillies fans.  Dobber tweeted some of the events the Phillies on the right did.  We merge to one roof during the rain delay.  Two things happened on the rain delay: the first thing was the Nats grounds crew were trying to put up the tarp over the field, but the grounds crew had a little trouble and the whole infield was a mess, but they put back the tarp again, got it. and we had a laugh at that.

The other was when one of the Phillies fans on our right got cigarettes and started smoking in the park (smoking is prohibited in Nationals Park).  Security was in front of this group and did nothing.  So John 2 and Beth came to grips with the Phillies fans on the right and tell them to not smoke or go outside the park.  The whole Phillies group was in a tizzy and started arguing and a scrum broke between John 2 and some Phillies tall guy.  During that scrum, someone was racing to stop the scrum and threw a cup of beer at me.  It hit me on the chess and had my WTF?! Moment.  I couldn’t see who threw it since I was talking to Dobber and did not want a Ron Artest moment, so I stayed away.  Both parties broke it up and then afterwards, Beth got into who I call the “Druckin’ Fighting Philly Mother.”  Everyone from Steve and Julie, Dobber, and I had to create a wall to separate our group to the nutcases on our right.  The “Druckin’ Fighting Philly Mother” came to our side 10 times trying to start a fight with us and it looked obviously she drank too much for her age.  The Phillies fans on the right started drinking, singing, and chanting like they won the war (we knew the Phils were going to win the game when Daniel Cabrera was on the mound).  I know there are Philly fans from Dan Levy, Kitty, Sara, and a few others who are passionate about Philly sports and care, but these fans we met give you reasons why Philly fans get a bad reputation.  After that incident, we said our goodbyes as the rain continues to pour and it was not going to stop anytime soon.  After a 1 hour and 45 minutes into the rain delay, the game was called and the Phillies won 7-5.

What came of this of Lynapalooza?

  • The Eastern Market could be the new hot spot for me after knowing what restaurants are out there.
  • Everyone asked me about my green Ryan Zimmerman t-shirt.  For the answer: I got it from the official team store at the park, you can’t find it online. 
  • I was going to say the reason why I wore my green Zimmerman shirt is I want to meet the environmentally-friendly women since the majority of them are hot.  Instead, my colored t-shirt symbolizes Irish blood, meaning fights…or it could be my name.
  • I was coy about the Washington Nationals having an open position for Director of Human Resources. Now to think of it, if they filled the position or vacant, they better take their job seriously after what happened last night:
    • There must be better training for security to look for suspicious activity.  I would argue the security almost caused a riot by doing nothing.
    • The music selection: Jonas Brothers after a double…REALLY, MOTHER EFFIN JONAS BROTHERS?!!! Get a new music director.  Also, Nick Johnson’s at bat music is Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback”.  Yes, that Nick Johnson: 
    • The PR/Communications/Marketing team needs to revamp as well.  First, it was the Elijah Dukes charity matter and now…Sausage Segway Shooters.  I dare the fans who come to the stadium and when the announcer says “Now it’s time for the Sausage Segway Shooters!” they say, “That’s What She Said!”  Also, those ads for defining moments in Nationals history?
    • The only good thing: Clint got demoted to do dirty work.  No wonder there’s a MASN booth in center field.

With the weather, the near riots, the food, and my “awesome” t-shirt, this was a very eventful day and I’m glad to share it with the rest of the littles.


  • Very sorry about the crappy Phillies’ fans. I love going to other ballparks to watch games and it was very nice to finally meet you. I hate going to my own park with some of the drunken idiots. In this economy its nice to go to other towns, spend some money and help each other out. I look forward to seeing you again.

  • Defining moments in Nats history? I’m torn between Blue Monday and the 1994 strike….

    Sounds like a good time was had by most. Would have liked to have been there.

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