Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Live-blogging

11:59 AM:  On a serious note, I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.  Don’t forget the people at Mumbai and locally, Sean Taylor.  But most important, enjoy the cooking and eating with your friends and family and watch the fottball game at 8PM.  Also, you can do your Christmas shopping early.  Take care.

11:58 AM:  Here’s what I’m thankful for…No Ann Curry.

11:57 AM:  You know what will be good as well…Have Obama follow behind to do one of his surprises.

11:55 AM:  Oh boy, SANTA!!!  Let me get wishes in:  All I want for Christmas is love from my family and friends, money for my business, and have the McLovin experience.

11:52 AM:  CBS’s celebrity guest:  Patrick Warburton.  Good choice.  At least it is not David Spade.

11:51 AM:  I feel your pain Meredith.  You want to leave as soon as possible.

11:48 AM:  Ok, if Kermit is on a float, he should be accompanied by his float.  Not 5-6 floats after his balloon has passed by.

11:46 AM:  Oh crap, I need to set up my fantasy lineup.

11:43 AM:  This is sad, Kristin Chenoweth is doing a Thanksgiving Parade without a job.  NBC, at least give her pub for Pushing Daisies.  Oh wait, Knight Rider is on the same time as well.  Silly me, you’re following Silvy’s orders.

11:42 AM:  Tracing back, I missed the Tom Turkey.  Was the turkey-rendering machine behind him at any moment?

11:40 AM:  I wonder if the National Dog Show will have a higher rating than the Lions game this year?  This could be the year.

11:37 AM:  BOOOOOOO!!!  BOOOOOOOOO!!!  America wants Doc Nix and the George Mason Band.

11:35 AM:  You know Miranda Cosgrove is mad at Miley for not mentioning her.  Seems Miranda is in the bottom of the totem pole of tween stars.  If you’re wondering, yes, I have issues.

11:34 AM:  Did I just hear the theme song from Just the Ten of Us?

11:33 AM:  Umm..a Citi commercial?  People want to have hope, not be afraid.

11:29 AM:  Oh boy, Darius Rucker.  Wait, I want to hear the Mr. Tony song.  WHAT THE @$&!, I WANT TO HEAR THE MOTHERF****** MR. TONY THEME SONG.  TREASON!!!!

11:27 AM:  The NY Daily News has a float?  I’m worried what was the NY Post float look like.  Would kids know a difference between a woman and a prostitute?

11:25 AM:  People, rush down the parade and give a beatdown to these guys!!!

11:23 AM:  A word to a wise to CBS, get someone we recognize.  They use to have Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan or Boomer Esiason (ok, that didn’t count).  But, they got no-namers

11:22 AM:  The big guy?  The dope behind Sarah Palin turkey-killing machine is in New York?

11:19 AM:  Good, I didn’t miss Darius Rucker.  And now, some boy band are lip-synching a porno song.

11:17 AM:  Yeah Kermit.  I’m glad Miss Piggy is not behind, because the image would make the audience puke and create a cesspool.

11:15 AM:  Ah man, I missed Hootie and the Blowfish…oh check that, Darius Rucker?  Cool dude, I just want the rest of The Blowfish.

11:12 AM:  CBS is taking a lot of fun away by showing Santa Claus.  Also what’s not fun…the network that’s showing the Detroit Lions game.

11:08 AM:  I see on the list is the James Madison University band.  Is Macy’s afraid of Doc Nix and the Mason band?  Yes, he’s a pimp, but a lovable pimp and kids love him.  Plus, we’re much cooler.

11:06 AM:  On your local ABC affiliate, Philadelphia has their own Thanksgiving parade.  There’s two different parades:  The Phillies and spank Donovan McNabb.

11:05 AM:  Not a good time to see Uncle Sammy riding on teh streets and steal people’s money.  You know what’s true:  Uncle Sam is inflated by real cash.

11:03 AM:  Good Housekeeping for 100 years.  That’s wonderful…I want to know about the Roomba.

11:01 AM:  On CBS…Why you putting Wall Street executives in the parade?  Throw tomatoes or a bunch of rats at them.

11:00 AM:  The Mike Miller Dance Team?  The sharp-shooter has his own dance team?  Dang, he is a God in South Dakota.

10:56 AM:  Holy dillbat, we got Rick Roll’d on Thanksgiving.  And Rick Astley still looks the same.

10:53 AM:  Holy crap, I overslept.  I apologize for the delay.  I hope you’re enjoying the lip-synching, porno balloons, and all that dancing.

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