Michael Phelps update

I mention last Summer that although Michael Phelps is a talented swimmer, he’s a jackass off the swimming pool.  He did this to Marc “Nigel” Sterne and to Dan LeBatard (although, that’s debated).  The reason I’m writing this post because when the story that Phelps bonged, it became the most viewed day of my blog…by 90 views.  So, I do have an obligation to write this post since people are talking about it.

On the bong incident, I’m hearing two views of this: for monetary purposes and for his image.  The both can be mutually exclusive and I wouldn’t have a problem why Phelps took a bong hit.  It’s his life, but he agreed to several deals like Subway to be the spokesperson this Summer.  The bong hit ruin that image and people will be making some euphemism of Subway and bongs.  Also, this is the second time he got in trouble.  Four years ago, he was arrested on DUI.  After he saw the bong hit photo, Phelps apologize for his actions and vow to never do it again.  Uh…he did a terrible act 4 years ago, and he did something illegal now.  Why would he change?

This leads to the bigger picture why some are standing up for Michael Phelps and involve these names:  Tim Montgomery, Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmerio.  The media does not want Michael Phelps to head down the road like these athletes and be known as an after-thought.  The media does not want another tragic American to have a meteoric rise, and a tremendous fall and they’re trying to prevent it.  The only reason the sponsors are supporting Phelps because they’re making a profit out of him.  The media and sponsors are telling Phelps that he has one more chance and he better not screw up anymore.

In an overview, Michael Phelps is who he is…a typical guy who thinks he’s above the law and he thinks he’s invisible.  What also proves is Phelps is not the brightest bulb and someone needs to teach him you can be pompous, but cautious.  As for Nigel Sterne,

“Karma, ain’t it a bitch?”

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