This week, I’ll be turning 30 and entering to unknown territory (or so I’ve been told). Usually, I have a list of nonprofits and charities to donate. This year is a little different.

I can tell you one nonprofit to donate is the AARP because they keep sending me a card, although my name isn’t Tracy H. Tran. I am already feeling old.

The second thing is for someone living in Pittsburgh. If your Pirates beat the Reds today and sweep in Cincinnati AND the Nationals sneak into the second wild card spot, I will give one lucky Pittsburgh Pirates fan and native a $25 gift certificate to Primanti Bros if it goes the Pirates and Nationals way.

As for the rest; I want you to tell me which nonprofit to donate and give your reasoning. You can be serious, creative, or make me laugh. I will try to make a small donation for my favorites. Please submit in the comments section and impress me.

That is all and now, I will write my will.

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