My 100th post

Well, I hit a milestone that anyone can reach in blogs:  100 posts.  It’s nothing huge, but like tv shows hit 100 episodes, this is kind of big, but I know most of these blogs hit that mark in their first week.  If you were not part of the incarnation two and a half years ago (meaning 1 and if lucky, 2 people who have nothing in their lives), this blog started out at Blogspot, but when Facebook allow syndication in the notes section, I switch to WordPress and it has done wonders.  I get some comments and a lot of pingbacks, but there’s a decent audience out there and I appreciate it.  If you’re wondering, the most popular searches and phrases to my blog is either Tony Kornheiser and Liz Clarke and that doesn’t shock me since I write a lot about Mr. Tony and love to poke Liz about Canada and Anne Murray (and the website address is a homage to Mr. Tony).  Here’s one example:

From Me to Liz Clarke:

Hey Liz,

I found this Bruce Springsteen video that you might enjoy:

Hope the book tour went really well.

From Liz Clarke replying to my email:

  You TOTALLY snookered me! I just now managed to play the video you sent. Arrived early to NASCAR press box today and am trying to catch up on emails, so it thought, “I’ll start by listening to the Bruce video from Tracy to get me started with a smile!” HA!
     I can’t image a more perfect storm of dreadful music. Thanks for the grin! and thanks for the kind wishes about the book,
  All the best,
Also, the most viewed blog is my entry of “Liz Clarke’s “One Helluva Ride.”  NASCAR must have crazed fans on the internet.  If so, I want the Kasey Kahne Treatment and also a trip to a NASCAR event.

Anyway, here’s what I learned from the past 100 posts:
And finally, a haiku from Shad in DC:
Ah, I remember those 100 posts like yesterday, now onto 100 more, or for the betterment of the peeps, WordPress will yank this blog off for inferiority.
HAPPY 100 to me!!!

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