My Alma Mater

Today was my day off at work since it was Presidents’ Day. So, the best way I celebrate today: heading back to my alma mater, George Mason. I only met with the two teachers who help me get ready for the real world. The first I went was my HR advisor/teacher. I check with my organization, SHRM, which I was president. Just heard they got an $8,000 grant from student activities. Hell, I wasn’t even close; probably $2,000 was the highest for me. The bad part about my organization now is they are putting their activities together for the merit point submission. I hope they score enough points to be recognized in the conference next June.

Next, I went to my program director/teacher/advisor for WGMU. We had a variety of things to talk about from DCRTV, XM Radio “crisis”, George Mason Basketball (No.1 in the CAA and the best mid-major team in 2006 (Shut up about Gonzaga)), former classmates, the site that will never be mention and how its own by the company I detest, and the new WGMU website I am waiting to see. I also didn’t realize the US women’s curling team had a swimsuit calendar; I must get it before it’s sold out. It was great seeing my old teachers since they helped me where I am.

Before I left, I went to see the “new” George Mason. The last time I was there, there was construction behind Enterprise Hall and bus rides were 25 cents. Now, the school is building a “mall” of some sort in the northeast section of Mason, trying to attract more students. Also, now they have a mid-scale restaurant (Damon’s Grill) in Student Union I. Bunch of television sets, alcohol, and actually good food in SUB I now. My problem about the expansion is Mason might turn into a college version of a mall that stores and restaurants will bring in more students than the education value. True, colleges are competing for potential students. My problem is they taking out the main purpose for college, which is education? (Ok, make your own joke about education, but that’s why most the students are there for I believe) Seeing the trees taking out, it seems to me Mason wants to act like a city, not a community. Oh, after I left Mason, bus rides are now free. Thanks George Mason, one year later. That’s why I want to move to D.C. in the next few years because at least in D.C., you can show off your arrogance, walking down the streets, seeing monuments and museums and stepping into history, unlike Northern Virginia, where you’re stepping into company lines and terrible, careless drivers.

If you read my last blog, I mention Johnny Weir is one of the stars in Olympics for being open and actualy being real without being contrite. Uh, I was so wrong about him. In his free skate, Johnny totally choked. After that, he blamed the bus schedule for “ruining” his routine. He had black in his heart, he didn’t have his aura. I give credit that he has an aura, but c’mon, you choke, admit. Off the list.

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