My Halloween

It has been a long time since I wore a costume.  To be honest, the last time I wore a costume was in seventh grade.  As you know from my other posts, I do not go out that much.  I wasn’t interested in attending Halloween parties during high school and college because it was too hectic and beer is the name of the game.   This was truly my first grown up Halloween party and appropriately, it’s at an office.  In my Halloween costume, I wanted to embarrass myself.  My dream costume was wearing a bear costume with a diaper (If you want to know, I stole that idea when I saw one of the poker players wore it to the table because he lost a bet.).  However, the bear costume is expensive, so here were the looks I went for:



Afternoon (The Party):


Evening (For the little munchkins):


I will tell you my costumes during my random thoughts for November.  Just to follow up on black days;  I think your safe if you’re wearing black during the “darkest” day of the year.  I didn’t have any trouble today wearing black (Ok, minor glitches, but that’s fine).  Happy Halloween everyone, and I’m going to sleep so I need to go to church tomorrow morning.

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