My New Glasses

I want to make sure you read this before I begin blogging. Contact lenses are not for me. I tried them before and they annoy the hell out of me. I’m very neurotic and I’m worried that these lenses would go behind my eyes.

Today, woke up this morning and waking up on a misty day, my glasses broke. I probably extended my arm and smack it to the ground. The bad news, I had to buy new glasses since they were four years old and had to work without them, so I saw a blur, like taking Viagra but w/o the urge. The good news, I can finally get a checkup on my eyes, new glasses, and use my insurance. Nothing dramatic, but I got the skinnier version of my old glasses and must say I look neo-Asian now. The other I look I easily fit in since they were very thick. The best part, I save nearly half of what I cost last time (2002- $270, Today- $134).
Thank you my insurance company. Now, I have joined the real world.

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